Kap Verde Champion of the 2023 Trakehner Stallion Licensing

Sun, 12/03/2023 - 17:28
Kap Verde is named champion of the 2023 Trakehner Stallion Licensing :: Photo © Stefan Lafrentz

Kap Verde has been named champion of the 2023 Trakehner Stallion Licensing in Neumunster on 2 December 2023.

Forty-two stallions were presented for licensing and 19 were accepted. Six receive the premium title.

Kap Verde

Kap Verde (by Heliumout of Kreta (by Ivernel)) was named the champion. Owner Jill Mieleszko-Vekens discovered the colt on Facebook when he was three days old and she spontaneously purchased it. She had already had the best experience with another colt from the Trakehner sire Helium: in 2020 she presented the champion stallion Rheinglanz, who she had also bought as a foal. Yesterday she wrote history by collecting a second champion's sash with Kap Verde. Jill Mieleszko-Vekens is the first to have two licensing champions in a row.

“It’s difficult to stay objective with such a stallion,” said licensing committee member Dr. Hans-Peter Karp "Kap Verde is something very special. He combines nobility, charisma, looseness and balance - the stallion is a phenomenon."

Kap Verde sold at auction for 350,000 euro to Toni and Marina Meggle in Bavaria.

The reserve champion is Times Square (by Integer x Dramatiker), bred by Madlen Mager and owned by Bernhard Langels, while Kairouan (by Schwarzgold) was ranked third in the premium ring. The third ranked stallion was Kairouan (by Schwarzgold x Latimer). 

The licensing committee singled out the grey Tiago (by Cook du Midour AA) as the best jumping stallion.

The licensed stallion with the highest proportion of "special" blood traditionally also receives a prize at the Trakehner licensing and this year this went to Ataman (by thoroughbred Arabian Pagur ox).


At the auction following the licensing, 10 licensed stallions were sold and they achieved an average price of 72,100 euro. The non-licensed stallions sold for 15,346 euro on average. 

Kap Verde was the most expensive. A big drop in the price was for the second most expensive stallion, Donauschwarm (by Millennium x Elfenstein), who had a knock down price of 57,000 €

Honnery (by Integer x Imperio) sold for 54,000 euro. Alle Farben (by Tecimseh x Waitaki) sold for 50,000 euro. Kairouan (by Schwarzgold x Latimer) went for  45,000 €, Barino (by Kronberg x Empire state- for 42,000 euro, Wie Gold (by All Inclusive x Cadeau) for 36,000 euro, Koster Waldau (by Millennium x Hohenstein) sold to Denmark for 29,000 euro. 

The most expensive, non-licensed stallion was Henry Higgins (by Millennium x Munchhausen) who sold for 26,500 euro. Son in Law (by Kwahu x Sixtus) sold to Croatia for 13,000 euro, Hickory (by Tempelhof x Hirtentanz) for 14,000 to Switzerland and Vio Bello (by Rheinklang x Easy Game) for 13,500 euro to the USA.

Licensing Results

The premium stallions are: 

  • 1. Kap Verde (by Helium  x Ivernel x Charly Chaplin) - Breeder:  Silke Ottmann-Trenschel - Owner: Jill Mieleszko-Vekens 
  • 2. Times Square (by Integer  x Dramatiker x  Humanus) - Breeder:  Madlen Mager - Owner: Bernhard Langels
  • 3. Kairouan (by Schwarzgold  x Latimer x  Kennedy) - Breeder:  Schneider/Breithecker - Owner: Kerstin Schäfer
  • Barino (by Kronberg  x Empire State x Connery) - Breeder & Owner: ZG Tieste
  • Donauschwarm (by Millennium x Elfenstein x Tambour) - Breeder & Owner: Hans-Joachim Groß
  • Alle Farben (by Tecumseh x Waitaki x Inster Graditz) - Breeder & Owner: Margret Sander

Licensed stallions:

  • Ataman (by Pagur ox  x Troupier x  Wettsport ) - Breeder: Ruger Westphal - Owner: Sportpferde Kurbel
  • Bahrain (by Arian Shah ox  x Connery x  Preussenprinz) - Breeder:  Corinna Knaack-Lindemann - Owner: Camelot Arabians  
  • Tiago (by Cook du Midour AA  x Hirtentanz x  Humanus) - Breeder:  Madlen Mager - Owner: Treuhandstiftung TIO
  • Wie Gold (by All Inclusive  x Cadeau x  Mansingh xx) - Breeder:  Heide Wahlén
  • Herzensbunt (by Ganderas  x Dürrenmatt x Michelangelo) - Breeder:  Simone Bell - Owner: Ruth Biermann
  • Tschaikowsky (by Göteborg  x Hirtentanz x  Caanitz) - Breeder:  Gisela Gunia - Owner: Anna-Lara Tauscher
  • Honnery (by Integer  x Imperio x Münchhausen) - Breeder:  Jürgen Altmiks - Owner: Stephanie Petersen, Gestüt Haus Giesking
  • Assemblé (by Kasimir  x Kentucky x Summertime) - Breeder:  Philipp Klingbeil - Owner: Gut Staffelde
  • First Impression (by Lossow  x Hibiskus x Karo As) - Breeder:  Simone Lindemeir-Trippel - Owner: Inge Weißkirchen & Andrea Wicki-Mäder
  • Zavier (by Millennium  x Okavango x Tuareg) - Breeder:  Örsövej - Owner: Severo Jurado Lopez
  • Koster Waldau (by Millennium  x Hohenstein x Bartholdy) - Breeder & Owner: Helle Retoft
  • Monsieur Perpignan (by Perpignan Noir  x Impetusx Herzzauber) - Breeder:  Tim Vester - Owner: Dominik Hartl
  • Dramatic Dancer (by Goldschmidt  x Handryk x Caprimond) - Breeder:  Peter Kunath - Owner: Landgestüt Marbach

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