Wandres and Harrods Win Prix St Georges at 2020 CDN Hagen, First Big Post-Corona Show

Fri, 06/05/2020 - 19:31
2020 CDN Hagen
Frederic Wandres wins the first class (PSG) at the first big national dressage show in Germany at Hof Kasselmann, post corona

All riders, who came to Hof Kasselmann for the first day of the dressage competiton met the hygiene requirements and regulations with great understanding.

“The mood this morning was extremely good. There were unusual pictures with mandatory masks and distance regulations, but all riders reacted very well to all hygiene rules and special requirements," Ullrich Kasselmann describes the arrival on the first of three days of the tournament. 

The first test, the Prix St. Georges, presented by the long-time partner of Hof Kasselmann, ALLSPAN German Horse GmbH & Co. KG, was won by Hof Kasselmann rider Frederic Wandres. With the Hanoverian Harrods (by Hochadel out of a Rotspon dam), Wandres led the field with 77.50%.

“What´s special about this horse is, that at the age of seven he´s already going through the test very evenly and always wants to present himself. In a test like this, it's gold-worthy," Frederic described the feeling in the saddle. 

Second place with a total of 75.48% was secured by Eva Möller and the 8-year-old Oldenburg Johnson x Don Romantik offspring Joopie. She was followed by  Helen Langehanenberg with 9-year-old Frank Sinatra. In the end, the judges awarded 74.82% to the Westphalian, who is by Fidertanz x Louis le Bon.

Fourth place went to Finnish Emma Kanerva, who lives in Germany. She had saddled Mist of Titanium for the Prix St. Georges. The judges gave the dark brown Millennium son 74.43%. 

Isabell Werth, Dorothee Schneider, Hubertus Schmidt, Helen Langehanenberg and many other professional riders use the opportunity to re-enter the competition season at Hof Kasselmann, the first big national dressage competition in Germany post corona. In the next two days, the ClipMyHorse audience can look forward to exciting sports with the qualification for the Louisdor Prize, with a Grand Prix and a Grand Prix Special as well as a St. Georges Special. 

-- Horses & Dreams Entertainment press release

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