Blue Hors Stud Leases KWPN Elite Stallion Vivaldi for One Season

Mon, 03/02/2020 - 13:29
Blue Hors stud's breeding director Martin Klavsen with Vivaldi :: Photo © Blue Hors

The renowned Danish stallion station Blue Hors stud has leased the KWPN elite breeding stallion Vivaldi for one season.

The 18-year old Vivaldi (by Krack C x Jazz x Ulft) has already moved to Randboel, Denmark, where he will stand at stud.

"Top Deal for Both Parties"

Blue hors leased the stallion from his Dutch owners Joop van Uytert and Ad Valk. 

"We are excited to have succeeded in securing an internationally sought-after sire for our stallion station," says breeding manager Martin Klavsen.

Vivaldi's departure from The Netherlands is highly surprising, considering how popular the breeding stallion is. For his Dutch stallion keeper he is a money maker. 

"He's a top stallion. This is a top deal for both parties," Van Uytert told Eurodressage.

"Blue Hors wants to collaborate more with us an you have to give trust to a collaboration," he continued. "That is why I showed them one of the best stallions of the new KWPN crop, Monte Carlo TC, and they were very impressed.  Besides him they wanted to lease Vivaldi no matter what and this is how it happened. Now and in the future we hope to expand that collaboration."

Preferent Keur Stallion

Vivaldi is one of the most popular and influential Dutch stallions in international dressage horse breeding and, at a relatively young age, holds rank 9 on the WBFSH’s world ranking for dressage sires.

His most successful offspring include Desperado (Emmelie Scholtens), Dream Boy (Hans Peter Minderhoud), Expression (Diederik van Silfhout), Blue Hors Veneziano (Agnete Kirk Thinggaard), Chinook (Richard Howley), Cennin (Madeleine Witte-Vrees), and Vitalis (Isabel Bache). 

Vivaldi was competed up to international small tour level by Hans Peter Minderhoud, but did not reach Grand Prix. In 2013 he was retired from sport to focus on breeding.

He will be presented for approval at the 2020 Danish Warmblood Stallion Licensing in Herning this week. 

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