Dantino, Dressage Price Highlight of the 2023 PSI Auction

Sun, 12/10/2023 - 21:54
2023 PSI Auction
The top price of 1,200,000 euro was paid for dressage horse Dantino in the 2023 PSI Auction

Dantino became the dressage price highlight of the 2023 PSI Auction which took place at the Sport + See Hotel in Ankum, Germany, on Saturday night 9 December 2023. 

Resounding Success

Paul Schockemöhle and Ulli Kasselmann once again presented a collection of 49 superbly bred and presented young sport horses and the international clientele made the most of the annual opportunity to benefit from the fabulous gene pools and expert eye of the two astute breeders and horsemen. 

As the curtain came down on a successful championship season for horses from the Paul Schockemöhle and Hof Kasselmann stables, show jumper Casabea Blue PS became the bestseller of the auction, when the hammer came down at 1.6 million euro. Buyers from Italy secured the Casallco x Baloubet du Rouet daughter. 


The price highlight in the dressage collection was Dantino (by Dante’s Junior x Fürstenball) who also broke the magical seven-figure mark, selling for 1.2 million euro to clients from East Europe. 

The horse will remain in training at Hof Kasselmann to be developed for the future. 

Australians Invest

Australians were investing in the future at this year's PSI auction and three horses sold to customers from down under. 

The 4-year old Apanachi (by Apache x Sir Donnerhall) fetched 650,000 euro and sold to the Tomkinson group dressage, which includes Susan Gorst, Lyn Sultana, Deb McNicol, Fiona Mardling, and Maree Tomkinson). The horse will stay in Germany to be produced by Nicole Wego-Engelmeyer.

The 4-year old Dazzling Smile (by Dante's Junior x Bretton Woods) sold to Sharon Roberts for 220,000 euro for Marvin Smink to ride. 

The 4-year old Fosandra (by Foundation x Morricone) sold for 320,000 euro to competitive, Australian pony rider Abby Weel. The horse will stay in Germany to be produced up the levels by Viola Abrahams as a future junior/young riders horse for Abby.

Big Buys

The 4-year old Brillya (by Bordeaux x Likoto xx) will stay in Germany and sold for 600,000€. The 5-year old Oldenburg Morinello (by Morricone x Donnerschwee) sold for 550,000 euro.

The 5-year old Oldenburg Fanjolo (by Foundation x San Amour) sold for 550,000 euro, the 5-year old Hanoverian Sigurdson (by Secret x Wanderbusch) for 500,000 euro.

Viniro (by Vitalis x De Niro), the full brother to the licensed stallion and WCYH medal winner Vitalos, sold for 500,000 euro.

The 4-year old Oldenburg Daphino (by Dante's Junior x San Amour) and the 4-year old Oldenburg Fellowship (by Foundation x Bretton Woods) both sold for 355,000 euro.

First Major
The 4-year old Oldenburg Fandiamo (by Foundation x Londonderry) had a hammer price of 350,000 euro. 

The 3-year old Oldenburg Zandonelli (by Zack x Foundation) went for 300,000 euro, the 4-year old Hanoverian Fio (by For Romance x Worldly) for 290,000 euro. Vacoeur (by Vitalis x Sandro Hit) fetched 160,000 euro.

Global Interest

Buyers came from Australia, the United States, Germany, Sweden, Austria, Italy, Columbia, Mexico, Taiwan and Hong Kong among others.

The 5-year old Oldenburg Benjamin Button (by Baron x Totilas) sold to Kasselmann's long-time Taiwanese client Connie Kang for 155,000 euro. 

Americans purchased the 3-year old Oldenburg First Major (by Furstenball x Sir Donnerhall) for 400,000 euro.


The 2023 PSI Auction in Ankum
Once again the P.S.I. Auction captured the interest and buying power from many long-time clients of Performance Sales International, who have come to know and value the quality and unparalleled service they receive here.

“We have experienced something that we could not have imagined before. Our activities, long-term friendships and competitions have given us potential customers, who have confidence in us and know that we have the best horses and a very good after-sales service. This is our chance to succeed in the market,” said Ulli Kasselmann.  

Francois Kasselmann concurred, "I am super happy with the results I think we matched the horses to the right clients."

With a turnover of 20,036,000 euro we look back on a very successful 44th P.S.I. Auction 2023. The dressage horses brought a total of 8,476,000 euro with an average price of 353,167 euro and the show jumpers fetched 11,560,000 euro with an average price of 462,400 euro. 

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