Danish Equestrian Federation Points at FEI Boards Making Mistakes

Wed, 11/12/2008 - 00:00
FEI Dressage News

Since the Olympic Games in Hong Kong there has been a dialogue between the dressage committee and the Executive Board of the FEI with Princess Haya as the President. This dialog has been open for everybody interested and ends up with a request

from the President asking for the resignation of the Dressage Committee. The Dressage Committee finds no reason to resign and this leads to the situation that the Executive Board does not see any possibility to continue the work with the present dressage committee with the intention to promote the dressage sport.

The Danish Equestrian Federation is following the situation with great interest and will at the upcoming General Assembly work for a democratic solution with the greatest respect for the rules and regulations of the FEI. The Danish Equestrian Federation will report to everybody interested on the discussion after the Assembly.

Ulf Helgstrand, president of the Danish Equestrian Federation says:

"There is no dout that there has been mistakes from both the executive board and the committee, but most important is that rules and regulations must be respected. Otherwise we will get a "wild west" situation. The dressage committee has respected the rules and regulations, while the Executive Board has a problem, since the committee is elected and approved by the General Assembley. This means that the Executive Board with Princess Haya as President has no competence to demand the resignation of the dressage committee. On the contrary the Executive Board has the duty to respect rules and regulations wich have been democratly approved by the General Assembly."

Helgstrand especially commented that he is "looking forward to the General Assebley in Argentina, and I am convinced the this is going to be a great issue especially of principal interest concerning responsibillity and competences."

Mariette Withages’ Comments on FEI Dressage Committee Issue

Mariette Withages, Chair of the FEI Dressage Committee, talked to DressageDaily at the Del Mar Classic where she has a part of the FEI Ground Jury. Her comments were as follows:

“Everything has already been said in the letters that were already published. There is no need for additional discussion at this time. It is a General Assembly issue, and there are rules and protocols to follow.”

She added, “The Dressage Committee has been elected by the General Assembly. The General Assembly is comprised of representatives from each of the National Federations. The General Assembly meets annually and will be meeting next week in Argentina.” Withages plans to be there and is confident that the issue will be addressed at the meeting.

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