Premium Stallions of the 2003 Hanoverian Stallion Licensing

Thu, 10/23/2003 - 00:00
Hanoverian Breeding News

The results of the 2003 Hanoverian Stallion Licensing in Verden are known. Out of 100 presented stallions for approval, 16 received the premium label and and a huge amount of 61 stallions were licensed.

Especially the W-line did well at the 2003 Licensing. Sons of Weltmeyer, Waterford, Welser, White Star and Wolkentanz did well. None of the Wolkenstein II offspring was approved.

The list of premium stallions include the stallions by:

  • Friendship/Feiner Stern
  • Londonderry/Weltmeyer
  • Londonderry/Weltmeyer
  • Lauries Crusader/Argentan
  • Sunlight xx/Von Velten
  • Recaro/Eichendorf
  • Rohdiamont/Sao Paulo
  • Rotspon/Brentano II
  • Rotspon/Lauries Crusader
  • Waterford/Werther
  • Weserstar/Warkant
  • Alabaster/Brentano II
  • De Niro/Eiger
  • DeNiro/Weltmeyer
  • Donnerhall/Weltmeyer
  • Escudo/Graf Grannus

Tomorrow (Friday October 24) at 2 PM the approved stallions and non-approved stallions will be auctioned. A report of the licensing coming soon.

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