Dress Rehearsal CDI in June at 2019 European Youth Riders Championships' Venue in San Giovanni

Tue, 06/11/2019 - 00:01
2019 European Youth Riders Championships
Horses Riviera Resort in San Giovanni in Marignona in Italy

The Organizing Committee and the Italian Equestrian Sport Federation (FISE) will be staging an important international youth riders competition - a CDI for ponies, children, juniors and young riders - at the Horses Riviera Resort in San Giovanni in Marignano, Italy, on 20 - 23 June 2019 in preparation of the 2019 European Youth Riders Championships at the end of July. 

The CDI-PJYR San Giovanni will be the official dress rehearsal for the European Youth Dressage Championships one month later and gives competitors a unique opportunity to already compete at the official show venue and get their horses acquainted to the show atmosphere and competition life there. 

The 2019 CDI-PJYR San Giovanni is for ponies, children, juniors, young and Under 25 riders, and will take place coinciding with the national Italian Dressage Cup. This event will have a maximum of 60 combinations a day, as foreseen by the FEI rules for a show with one set of International Judges.

"It will be an opportunity to have a trial run for the organization as well as the technical aspects to assure the best possible conditions for the 2019 European Championships," said FISE Dressage director Dr. Cesare Croce. "The new software for dressage events created by the German company Black horse will be tested.

On 30 May 2019 the show directors from the Italian Equestrian Federation and the Organizing Committee with its partners will carry out a site inspection to control in detail all the environmental and programmed aspects necessary to guarantee the best possible welcome for participating horses, athletes, trainers, officials, press and federations. This is done the essential conditions for the success of the event.

Italian Youth Teams Taking Shape with Long-Listed Riders Improving Scores

Meanwhile, Italian team candidates have been long-listed for team selection.  They continue their intense team selection tract, assisted by the Italian team trainers Anna Merveldt and Johan Hinnermann. The new technical expertise from the team trainers have boosted Italian riders to achieve encouraging and improving results at competitions in Europe

Italian team selection will be based on objective criteria, i.e. the average scores of the best three team and individual tests at the moment of the closing of the nominative and then definitive entry list. By the end of June the three best overall scores will be taken into consideration for team selection.

At the end of May these Italian riders recorded their following best score in a CDI

Pony Riders

  • Lisa Bartz - Derano B - 72.667
  • Lisa Bartz - Hemingway B - 71.381
  • Silvia Diciattea - Duesmann - 68.286


  • Silvia Diciattea - Tinus - 70.321
  • Anna Tarabella - May - 69.167
  • Riccardo Spagni - Cesan - 65.705
  • Ruffini - Cobra - 64.773

Junior Riders

  • Beatrice Arturi - Donaudistel - 71.010
  • Melanie Bartz - Diary Dream OLD - 70.685
  • Alessia Volpini - Easy Deasy - 69.363
  • Valentina Ugenti - Britney - 68.788
  • Valentina Merli - Le Bom - 68.081
  • Martina Lippi - Luben - 67.108
  • Carlotta Vismara - Helios - 66.941
  • Caterina Neri - Stella Pack Roxana - 66.566
  • Maria Vittoria Duranti - Coco Fee - 65.882
  • Andrea Neri - Freestyler - 65.455
  • Bernadette Rizzuto - 64.608

Young Riders

  • Valentina Remold - Broadway - 70.500
  • Alice Campanella - Gracile D.E.S. - 69.412
  • Valentina Remold - Double Cool Darius MJ - 68.725
  • Filippo di Marco - Fidergald - 67.206
  • Ginevra Coperchio - Edipo el Bayo - 67.0101
  • Angelico - Willow - 66.029

Under 25 

  • Francesca Rapazzoli - Rhadamanthus - 67.991
  • Margherita Josi - Le Contendro - 65.088
  • Margherita Josi - Kjaerholms Placido - 63.821
  • Serena Fumigalli - Black Panther - 62.256

Photo © Astrid Appels

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