Long List After First 2019 Dutch WCYH Team Training and Observation Trial

Fri, 04/26/2019 - 17:34
2019 World Championships for Young Dressage Horses
Bart Veeze and Imagine at the 2018 World Young Horse Championships :: Photo © Astrid Appels

The Dutch Equestrian Federation and KWPN society hosted the first observation and training trial for team selection for the 2019 World Championships for Young Dressage Horses on 22 - 23 April 2019. 

This was the first of three observation trials where the selection panel coaches and assesses the team candidates and draws a long list that gets shortened after each trial. The team will be announced after the third session.

Johan Rockx has replaced Alex van Silfhout as one of the selectors. He joins Monique Peutz and Floor Dröge on the selection panel.

The first trial took place at the KWPN headquarters in Ermelo. 

"We worked in a very nice way in the best conditions for two days. We got a good image of the horses in the different age categories," said a team selector. "The training after viewing the horses gave good insight in the capabilities of development and it gave the riders information to work with that. We saw much quality, which is why selected a big group for the 6-year olds. The group of 5-year olds is a bit small but it's quality not quantity. For the 7-year olds, the required level was the reason that only a small group was ready for it, but we've seen horses that can already produce a nice test."

Nineteen 5-year olds, twenty 6-year olds and thirteen 7-year olds have been long-listed.  They are:

5-year olds

  • Ainhoa Prada Ortiz or Remy Bastings - Jezebel-Odette B (by Lord Leatherdale)
  • Andreas Helgstrand - Jovian (by Apache)
  • Annabel Rootveld - Julia (by Everdale)
  • Emmelie Scholtens - Johnny B.Goode (by Dreamboy)
  • Emmelie Scholtens - Joe (by Blue Hors Zatchmo)
  • Franka Loos - Jayson (by Johnson)
  • Kirsten Beckers - Jeniro (by Negro)
  • Kirsten Brouwer - Joyride (by Ampère)
  • Lars Op 't Hoog - Jackpot (by Dreamboy)
  • Margriet Hingstman - Jovanni (by Davino V.O.D.)
  • Marieke Van der Putten - Jameson Rs2 (by Blue Hors Zack)
  • Marijn Van Dijk - Journalist (by Charmeur)
  • Marlies Van Baalen or Jos Hogendoorn - Jacky Kennedy Dvb  (by Damsey )
  • Myrthe Wedda  - Just 4U Rs2 (by All at Once)
  • Natascha Bernoski - De Cocq - Jamaica (by Vivaldi)
  • Nicky Snijder - Jongleur Sth (by Expression
  • Renate Van Vliet - Just Wimphof (by De Niro)
  • Renate Van Vliet - Johnny Depp (by Bordeaux)
  • Vai Bruntink - Jatilinda (by All at Once)

6-year olds

  • Bart Veeze - Imagine (by Dream Boy)
  • Bart Veeze - Imposantos (by Wynton)
  • Cynthia Eggenkamp - Iwardo A F (by Dorado)
  • Dinja Van Liere - Independent Little Me (by Uno don Diego)
  • Emmelie Scholtens - Indian Rock (by Apache)
  • Emmelie Scholtens - Infinity (by Apache)
  • Femke de Laat - Invito (by Fürstenball)
  • Femke de Laat - Intro K (by Apache)
  • Jeroen Van Eck - imagine (by Dream Boy)
  • Joyce Lenaerts - Beukenvallei's Iconic B (by Bing)
  • Laura Reija - Imagine (by Chippendale)
  • Margreet Prosman - Icecream (by Desperado)
  • Marije De Lange - Inspiration (by Everdale)
  • Mieke Naberink - Isalita Roos (by Cupido)
  • Nicky Snijder - Identity Sth (by Charmeur)
  • Patrick Van der Meer - I'm Legend (by Dreamboy)
  • Quinty Vossers - Inferno (by Everdale)
  • Renate van Vliet - Instyle (by Eye Catcher)
  • Roy First - Infinity Win T (by Everdale)
  • Saskia Van Es - Italo (by Fürstenball)

7-year olds

  • Adelinde Cornelissen - Henkie (by Alexandro P)
  • Anne Meulendijks - Hot-Spot (by Dancer)
  • Dinja Van Liere - Haute Couture (by Connaisseur)
  • Dinja Van Liere - Hermès (by Easy Game)
  • Dinja Van Liere - Hartsuijker (by Johnson)
  • Esmee Van Gijtenbeek - Hot chocolate (by  Apache)
  • Femke de Laat - Hashtag (by Cachet L)
  • Johannes Rühl - Hilton De L'Esprit VLS (by Johnson)
  • Joyce Van Opbergen - Haronia-donna (by Bordeaux)
  • Mara De Vries - Habibi DVB (by Don Schufro)
  • Olga Boucher - Houdini la Haya (by Krack C)
  • Quinty Vossers - Hummer (by Charmeur)
  • Romy Bemelmans - Hip Hop (by Jazz)

The second observation trial will be held in Nunspeet. Andreas Helgstrand and Jovian have received a bye for it.

Photo © Astrid Appels

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