FEI Makes Snaffle Optional Up to CDI 2* Level as of 2019

Sat, 02/23/2019 - 14:48
Competing in a snaffle is now allowed up to CDI 2* level :: Photo © Astrid Appels

Little noise has been given to an important rule change that the FEI put in place as of 1 January 2019 until a watchful eye at Pferderevue in Austria spotted the alteration in the FEI rule book!  As of 2019 riders competing up to 2* level will have the choice to compete their horses in a snaffle or double bridle!

The rule change does not count for CDI 3 * / 4 * / 5 * / U25, nor for Championships  and World Equestrian Games.

Very few European shows host Grand Prix classes at a 1 and 2* level so for most Grand Prix riders the double bridle will continue to be mandatory.

However, junior and young riders will now have the option between a snaffle and a double as well as riders competing in small tour classes at 1 and 2* level. In the U.SA., South American and Australia 1 and 2* CDI's at Grand Prix level are hosted, so riders have to be watchful to see at what star-level they have entered. 

The official rule change reads

  • 2.2. For CDI 3 * / 4 * / 5 * / U25 and Championships / Games (except Ponies and Children), a double bridle with cavesson noseband is mandatory ie bridle and curb with curb chain . A combined noseband may be used without the lower "flash" The curb chain can be made of metal, leather or a combination. Lip strap and rubber, leather or sheepskin cover for curb chain are optional. Neither a cavesson noseband nor a curb chain may ever be so tightly fixed so as to harm the Horse.
  • 2.2.1.: A snaffle bridle or double bridle is allowed in CDI1 * and 2 *, CDIJ and CDIY.
  • 2.2.2.: For CDIP / Ch, Ponies and Children Championships, and marked on test sheets, a snaffle bridle is used.

A noseband is still mandatory when a horse/pony is ridden in a snaffle:

  • 2.2.3.:  A plain snaffle bridle is required to be used with a regular cavesson noseband, a dropped noseband, a flash noseband, a crossed noseband, a combined noseband or a Micklem or similar design of bridle.

See the complete FEI Dressage Rulebook (page 41 for new tack rule).

Source: Pferderevue.at

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