Twenty-Eight Colts Accepted at 2018 KWPN Stallion Licensing

Fri, 02/02/2018 - 19:37
Kremlin MD (by Governor x Rousseau) at the 2018 KWPN Stallion Licensing :: Photo © LL-foto

Twenty-eight dressage bred colts have been accepted for the stallion performance testing after the first day of dressage selection at the 2018 KWPN Stallion Licensing in 's Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands, on Friday 2 February 2018. 

On the first dressage day of the third phase the KWPN licensing committee selected 28 colts for the testing, which is mandatory for each accepted colt before he can officially obtain the status of "licensed stallion". Four stallions have been invited to the Champion's ring, aka premium ring, from which the licensing champion will be picked on Saturday 3 February 2018.

"We are very pleased with our crop today. The movement mechanism and self carriage of many of the accepted stallions stood out very positively and we also accepted a couple of stallions who can help with bloodline diversity," said Bert Rutten, chair of the KWPN Stallion Licensing committee. "Bloodline diversity is a hot issue at the moment and that is why we accepted stallions who are not very familiar with KWPN when it comes to DNA.

The best producing sire of the moment was Governor (by Totilas x Jazz x Ulft). Of his nine presented sons, four were accepted for the testing and one of them will return tomorrow in the champion's ring (Kremlin MD, by Governor x Rousseau).

"The Governor offspring different in conformation, but they all had good self carriage and a way of moving," Rutten explained. "We are happy that four of his sons will get the change to prove themselves in the test. This is a crucial part of the KWPN Stallion Selection, so that we can select closest to our sport goal. It will give us much information."

The licensing continues on Saturday with the second day of the third phase for dressage stallions. In the afternoon the licensing champion will be picked from the premium ring.

Photo © LL-foto

The four premium stallions are

  • Kremlin MD (by Governor x Rousseau)
  • Kaiman (by Dark Pleasure x Gribaldi)
  • Kevin (by Dream Boy x Kennedy)
  • Kenzo (by Ferguson x Vivaldi).

The other accepted colts are:

  • n.n. (by Ampere x Florestan)
  • Killimanjaro (by Bordeaux x Westpoint)
  • Kenzo (by Bordeaux x Johnson)
  • King Size (by Charmeur x Gribaldi)
  • Kensington (by Dante Weltino x Vivaldi)
  • Knappe Jonge (by Ferguson x Jazz)
  • King Schufro (by Don Schufro x Jazz)
  • King U.S. (by For Gribaldi x Flemmingh)
  • Kandour (by For Romance x Uphill)
  • Kwiek S (by Giovanni x Rhodium)
  • Kwadraat Prins (by Gotcha Utopia x Winningmood)
  • Kayne (by Governor x Rousseau)
  • King VE (by Governor x Johnson)
  • Kaylens's Boy (by Governor x Krack C)
  • Kratos de Jeu (by Ekwador x Voice)
  • Kibo (by Jazz x Totilas)
  • n.n. (by Millennium x Florestan)
  • Rock for my Heart (by Rock for Me x De Niro)
  • n.n. (by San Amour x Zardin Firfod)
  • n.n. (by Sir Donnerhall x De Niro)
  • Koblenz (by Valdez x Welt Hit II)
  • Kyton Platinum (by Ferguson x Ferro)
  • Furst Diamond (by Furst Fohlenhof x Lissaro van de Helle)
  • Woodlander Woodstock (by Wild Child x Florencio)

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