D'Joep Named Champion of the 2017 NRPS Stallion Licensing

Wed, 03/08/2017 - 11:02
NRPS Breeding News

The black D'Joep (by Desperado x Vivaldi) has been named the champion of the 2017 NRPS Stallion Licensing which concluded on Sunday 5 March 2017. D'Joep was named the stallion with the "best Trot" which stands for the licensing champion with the NRPS society.

Fifteen dressage and show jumping bred stallions were accepted for the stallion performance testing as well as eight pony stallions. 

Bred by Jurgen van der Meijden and presented by Linda Leeflang, D'Joep was originally named Joep as he is KWPN registered, but as soon as the colts get NRPS licensed status, their names are often adapted to the NRPS system, which follows the German system in which the first letter of the stallion's name will be the same to the first letter of the sire's name. In D'Joep's case the sire is Desperado.

The best moving, licensed NRPS pony was Da Vinci (by Dylano du Bois x Evanto's Nieuwmoed), bred by Hedwig van Dellen-Bleeker and owned by Jody Bakker. 

The other licensed NRPS dressage stallions are:

  • Bakardi JK (by Breezer x Wolfgang)
  • Brad Pitt (by Brandon x Fiderhit)
  • Escobar (by El Capone x Sydney)
  • Extra (by Everdale x Havidoff)
  • Evergro (by Everdale x Negro)
  • Especial (by Everdale x Vivaldi)
  • Jason (by Johnson x Negro)
  • Painted Pride (by Painted Black x Redford)
  • All You Want (by Apache x Goldstar)

The complet list of the newly licensed NRPS horses and ponies here.

Photo courtesy NRPS.nl

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