No Horses Selected on 2014 Dutch WCYH Wild Card Day

Fri, 05/02/2014 - 19:52
2014 World Championships for Young Dressage Horses

The KWPN and KNHS Selection Committee selected no horses on the wild card day to be included on the long list for the Dutch selection process for the 2014 World Championships for Young dressage horses in Verden, Germany.  The Wild Card day took place in Ermelo, The Netherlands, on 1 May 2014.

The wild card day was open to horses who did not automatically qualify via the Dutch young horse championships and previous WCYH participation.

Eight 5-year old and six 6-year old appeared in front of the committee on the wild card day. "On average we saw good horses, which were well presented. But considering the concept of a wild card, which is only for those combinations we believe will successfully complete the selection process, at the end of the day we came to the conclusion to give none of the horses a wild card," said Wim Ernes.

Several horses, which qualified via the normal path but which were unable to appear at the first selection day due to different reasons, also showed themselves on 1 May. Two of them were added to the long list. They are Kirsten Brouwer's Dancer (by Vivaldi x Tango) and Marije Tromp's Denzel B (by Jazz x Castro).

The current long list includes eleven 5-year olds and twelve 6-year olds:

5-year olds

  • El Capone (UB 40 x OO Seven – Marieke van der Putten
  • Eye Catcher (Vivaldi x TCN Partout) – Cora Verlouw
  • Happy Feet (Don Jovi x Krack C) – Katia Smets
  • Equirelle W (Florett Ass x Donnerhall) – Kyra Klinkers
  • Eddieni (Johnson x Negro) – Theo Hanzon
  • Elton John DVB  (Jazz x Fidermark) – Stefanie Wolf
  • Esperance (Sorento x Rousseau) – Maria Brouwer
  • Expression (Vivaldi x Vincent) – Diederik van Silfhout
  • Etoile (Don Schufro x Rubinstein I) – Dinja van Liere
  • Estoril (Zhivago x Gribaldi) – Emmelie Scholtens
  • Ebony (Painted Black x Jazz) – Vai Bruntink

6-year olds

  • D’Angelo (Zucchero x Sandro Hit) – Theo Hanzon
  • Denzel (Santano x Ferro) – Alex van Silfhout
  • Dream Boy (Vivaldi x Ferro) – Gerdine Maree
  • Dorado (Krack C x Rousseau) – Emmelie Scholtens
  • Don Tango B (Contango x Jazz) – Diederik van Silfhout
  • Darabel (Westpoint x Don Schufro) – Vai Bruntink
  • Denzel (Zidane x Truppa) – Dinja van Liere
  • Desperado (Vivaldi x Havidoff) - Emmelie Scholtens
  • Don Diego (Lord Leatherdale x Krack C) – Patrick van der Meer
  • Doraya (Westenwind x Jazz) – Stephanie de Frel
  • Dancer (Vivaldi x Tango) – Kirsten Brouwer
  • Denzel B (Jazz x Castro) – Marije Tromp

The next selection day on which a training and observation will take place is 16 June, followed by two more days on 8 and 23 July 2014.

Photo © Astrid Appels

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