Westfalian Society to Co-Operate with Oldenburg Society

Thu, 04/04/2013 - 13:51
Westfalian Breeding News

The German Westfalian society has signed a co-operation agreement with the German Oldenburg Society yesterday 3 April 2013. This is the first time that two major German studbooks will be working together so closely. 

"In order to stay successful meeting the challenges of modern horse breeding, it is necessary to merge the interests of the two breed societies," wrote Saskia Albrecht, press officer of the Oldenburg society.

The co-operation was signed by the chairs of both breed socities, Wilhelms Weerde (OL), Karl Hubertus von Beverfoerde (WESTF), Paul Schockemohle (OS) and Egon Wichmann (Weser Ems).

The co-operation involves setting up a unified system for registering the horses, implementing genomic selection, creating a breeding index for heatlh and defending and advocating shared interests in public and politics.
Both breed societies will also line up their ideas about the future of breeding, which entails unifying breeding programs, rules and guidelines as well as the fee structure.

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