Twenty-Four Colts Passed Third Viewing Day for 2012 KWPN Stallion Licensing

Mon, 12/19/2011 - 15:25
KWPN Breeding News

On the third viewing day of Dutch bred dressag colts in the running for a ticket to the 2012 KWPN Stallion Licensing in 's Hertogenbosch, the licensing committee selected twenty-four 2,5 year olds that can move onwards to the second phase of the licensing in February 2012.

Eighty-two colts made it to the last first phase viewing day at the KWPN headquarters in Ermelo on 17 December 2011 and a large group of offspring by Vivaldi, Wynton and Apache got a positive assessment from the committee. Vivaldi (by Krack C x Jazz) became the sire with the most sons selected for the licensing. Nine of his offspring passed the first viewing day and will continue the licensing process. 

Wynton (by Jazz x Matador) has six sons through to the next round. The Apache (by UB40 x Krack C) offspring descends from the stallion's first crop of foals when the sire wasn't even KWPN approved. Three of his sons can come back in February.

Colts making a strong impression on the last day were the Vivaldi x Balzflug and a Wynton x Belisar.

Colts accepted for the second phase are:

  • Eldorado (by Apache x Rhodium)
  • Epache (by Apache x Trento B)
  • Eddie S (by Apache x United)
  • Eros (by Citango x Cabochon)
  • Elcairo (by Vivaldi x Voltaire)
  • Escobedo (by Vivaldi x Havidoff)
  • Edriana B (by Vivaldi x Sandro Hit)
  • Empire K (by Vivaldix  Rhodium)
  • Etoine (by Vivaldi x Balzflug)
  • Eddow (by Vivaldi x Ferro)
  • Eye Catcher (by Vivaldi x Partout/T)
  • Eros L (by Vivaldi x Ferro)
  • E (by Vivaldi x Vincent)
  • Eastpoint (by Westpoiunt x Negro)
  • Emerson (by Wyntin x Flemmingh)
  • Endymion (by Wynton x Ferro)
  • Expo (by Wynton x Belisar)
  • Eros Easter (by Wynton x OO Seven)
  • Excellent (by Wynton x Flemmingh)
  • Eduward (by Wynton x Special D)
  • Emmerik (by Zenon x Facet)
  • El Diablo (by Zenon x Krack C)
  • Estoril (by Zhivago x Gribaldi)
  • Exel (by Zhivago x Farrington)

On Monday 19 December there were be a viewing day for late entries.

Detailed list of colts that passed on 17 December 2011.

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