Sir Donnerhall Colt, Champion of the 2009 Suddeutsche Stallion Licensing

Mon, 02/02/2009 - 00:00
South German Breeding News

A Sir Donnerhall x Lanciano colt was proclaimed champion of the 2009 Stallion Licensing of the South German Breed Societies held in Munich, Germany, January 29 - 31, 2009. Sixty-four of seventy selection stallions appeared at the licensing

and thirty-three were approved. Eleven stallions made it into the premium ring.

The Sir Donnerhall x Lanciano was not only the champion of the dressage stallions but also the favourite of the public. With his lightfeeted gaits and radiant appearance, the colt outclassed the pack. Owner Georg Albert had purchased him three years ago at the Munich Foal Auction. After the licensing, the stallion sold at auction for 210,000 euro to the Landgestut Zweibrucken and Kurt Gravemeier.

The champion of the show jumping colts was a Cornet Obolensky x Acorado offspring. The talented jumper scored 10 for potential. He is owned by jumping rider Daniel Dassler and will be standing at stud at the Landgestut Schwaiganger.

The Dr. Jackson x Heraldik xx colt was proclaimed reserve champion. The gorgeous black stallion moved with much dynamic and excelled in trot. He is owned by Dr. Heribert Dammer and will stand at stud at Ferienhof Stucker.

The price highlight of the auction was the show jumper by Cornet Obolensky x Stakkato. The riding centre Massener Heide purchased the stallion for 250,000 euro and has leased him to stand at stud to Landgestut Moritzburg.

Forty stallions were auctioned and they achieved an average price of 34,613 euro. The average price for a licensed stallion was 47,292 euro, for a non-licensed one 15,594 euro.

Results - Premium Stallions:

  • Sir Donnerhall x Lanciano - Licensing Champion Dressage
    Breeder: : Josef Sichler, Grassau
    Presented by: : Georg Albert, München
    Owner: : Landgestüt Zweibrücken

  • Cornet Obolensky x Acorado - Licensing Champion Show Jumping
    Breeder: : Anton Schindele jun., Unterthingau
    Presented by: : Daniel Dassler, Buchenberg
    Stallion Station: : Haupt- und Landgestüt Schwaiganger

  • Dr. Jackson x Heraldik xx - Reserve Champion
    Breeder: : Rolf Rittmann, Kürnsbach
    Owner: : Dr. Heribert Dammer, Bretten
    Stallion Station: : Ferienhof Stücker

  • Unee x Piaster 
    Breeder: : Dr. Johann Bergmeier, Siegenburg
    Owner: : Maria and Walter Wadenspanner, Rottenburg
    Stallion Station: : Zuchthof Wadenspanner

  • Diamond Hit x Pour Plaisir 
    Breeder: : Else Hermine Schnell, Burgthann
    Presented by: : Franz-Josef Thorweihen, Rietberg

  • Hofrat x Pandur AA 
    Breeder and Presented by: : Franz Martin, Eckenroth

  • Ludwig von Bayern x Contendro I 
    Breeder: : ZG Kern, Neuhausen
    Presented by: : Sabrina Schmitz May and Michael Schmitz, Hetzerath

  • Monte Bellini x Ravallo 
    Breeder: : Georg Weber, Pähl
    Presented by: : Franz Galneder, Taufkirchen
    Owner: : Zuchthof Kohn

  • Silvio I x Acord II
    Breeder and Presented by: Elke Salden, Hohenstein

  • Belissimo M x Davignon I
    Breeder: Josefine Caliezi, CH-Zumikon
    Presented by: : Dr. Raymond Caliezi, CH-Zumikon

  • Cornet Obolensky x Stakkaton
    Breeder: : Hartwig Rellensmann, Extertal
    Presented by: : Heinrich Ramsbrock, Menslage
    Owner: : Reitsportzentrum Massener Heide, Unna
    Stallion Station: : Landgestüt Moritzburg

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