Hubertus Schmidt Appointed Team Trainer for Sweden

Wed, 01/07/2009 - 00:00
Swedish Dressage News

German Olympic team rider Hubertus Schmidt has been appointed team trainer for Sweden. The 50-year old Schmidt will be assisting Swedish chef d'Equipe Bo Jenå in the training and selection of Swedish dressage teams

and will help Swedish team riders at Championships including the 2009 European Championships and 2010 World Equestrian Games.

"It's a fantastic opportunity for Sweden to have his knowledge available here," said Bo Jenå, who travelled to Germany together with Per Lundberg, director of the Swedish Dressage Committee, to offer the position of team trainer to Schmidt.

"Sweden is one of the best dressage nations with many good riders and horses," Hubertus Schmidt explained. "I know the top riders from the international shows and several of them have been at my stable and trained with me. I'm happy to be able to work with all of them."

Per Lundberg highlighted that Schmidt will especially have a supervising and advising role for the Swedish dressage elite and their trainers. Schmidt has scheduled four events in total which he will attend: two selection trials prior to the Europeans, the Europeans themselves and one show after the European Championships as an evaluation for the World Equestrian Games.

"The first year, the top group (A and B-team) and their trainers will be considered for these events," said Bo Jenå, "but it's our ambition to involve as many riders as possible in the future."

German Hubertus Schmidt is a widely respected trainer and rider. He won team gold at the 2004 Olympic Games and individual silver and team gold at the 2005 European Championships. He runs his own equestrian facility in Paderborn, Germany, where he has 65 horses in training and 4 riders employed.

"Hubertus has a healthy mind on horses and riding and always works with a long term strategy for which obtain loosness, lightness and harmony are the keywords. He lets the horses make efficient use of their basic gaits at the right time," added Jenå.

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