Karin Offield Wins Lawsuit over Frozen Semen of Lingh

Mon, 04/28/2008 - 00:00
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Karin Reid-Offield has won a lawsuit against Theo van Sadelhoff over frozen semen of her stallion Lingh. Offield, who is the current owner of the Dutch warmblood stallion Lingh (by Flemmingh x Columbus)

, sued van Sadelhoff, the former owner of Lingh, because the Dutchman refused to return several hundred straws of frozen semen.

The Arnheim Court House ruled that Van Sadelhoff has to return a specific number of straws of frozen semen to current owner Offield. He also has to account for the number of breedings he commissioned with this frozen semen in 2007. Furthermore, van Sadelhoff has to pay 1,000 euro a day if he does not execute the court order.

When Offield bought Lingh, van Sadelhoff was allowed to sell frozen semen breedings for the 2007 breeding season. A conflict arose between the two parties when Van Sadelhoff refused to tell how many breedings he had sold and had left in storage. According to the Dutch equestrian site Horses of the Dutch, Van Sadelhoff presumed that he could sell the left-over straws of semen to his daughter.

Lingh's breeding manager Susanne Hassler explains, "We look forward to picking up with the breeders whose interests have been put on hold thus far this season and servicing their mares with Lingh's frozen semen as soon as possible. As Lingh continues his career in sport under rider Karin Offield, the availability of his breedings will remain limited. Here forward, we are committed to ensuring that Lingh's influence is offered within the most optimal combination as we select mares for the limited number of breedings available."

Owner Karin Offield told Eurodressage that, "I know that all news is good news when it comes to promotion of your stallions. I have still been on the phone all day making these arrangements. We are grateful to everyone involved that we can now proceed with a breeding plan for the 2008 breeding season. My heart ached when it appeared we may never see any 2009 foals. As far as the details of this part of my ownership of Lingh is concerned - hopefully its over and finished so we are happy to get back to work on making Lingh a superstar breeding stallion. Time will tell for his offspring, and I am very very glad the Dutch legal system worked on Lingh's behalf."

Photo copyrighted: Carien Schippers

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