Trakehner Riding Horse Selected for the 2007 Bundeschampionate

Thu, 07/26/2007 - 00:00
2007 Bundeschampionate

The Trakehner Verband announced the Trakehner bred riding horses which have been selected to represent their breed at the 2007 Bundeschampionate.

Following the 2006 German Trakehner Championships in Hannover, Germany, the Trakehner society was able to make a selection of their best young horses.

3-yr old stallions:

  • Zauberfürst (Interconti - EH Caprimond)
  • Krokant (Lauries Crusador xx - EH Hohenstein)
  • Ballzauber (Axis - EH Itaxerxes)

4-yr old stallions:

  • Imperio (Connery - Balfour xx)
  • Canzler (Amatcho - EH Consul)
  • Herzensdieb (Tambour - EH Tivano)

3-yr old mares & geldings:

  • Bona Fides (Cadeau - Kennedy)

4-yr old mares & geldings:

  • Karena (Freudenfest - Exclusiv) 

Photos courtesy: Jutta Bauernschmitt

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