Helgstrand Sells Gestüt Famos But Continues to Operate in Syke

Tue, 05/21/2024 - 21:14
Gestut Famos in 2020

Two days after Eurodressage broke the news that Helgstrand's German branch, Gestüt Famos, sold to Maik Kanitzky, Andreas Helgstrand now officialised the sale with his own press release, dated 20 May but posted on social media in the evening of 21 May 2024.

"The sale of Gestüt Famos is a part of Helgstrand's parent company Global Equestrian Group’s strategy to invest in companies and people rather than in buildings," the press release stated. 

Casper Cassoe Kruth, who left Danish Warmblood to work for Helgstrand's Global Equestrian Group, iterated that the sale of Gestüt Famos "fits directly into the strategy, ensuring that the development of the company's businesses and the skilled people who work and form the heart of the company remain the focus."

"Ulf and Eva Möller (...) will remain at Gestüt Famos and continue to run Helgstrand Germany, including the EU stallion station and the sales and training stable," the press release stated. "The buildings now have a new owner."

Andreas further added, "that Maik Kanitzky is the new owner, we see only as a strong card, as we have had an incredibly good partnership for many years - a partnership that we look forward to becoming even stronger in the coming years, as we continue our business in Syke as before."

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