2023 SICAB Crowns the New Champions in Dressage: Malagueno LXXXIII, Trapalo de Indalo, Zeo Jocha

Wed, 12/06/2023 - 12:14
2023 SICAB
Jose Daniel Martin Dockx and Malagueno Lxxxiiii win the Grand Prix division at 2023 SICAB :: Photos © SICAB

-- Text and photos © Lily Forado/SICAB

Last Sunday, 3 December 2023, SICAB concluded its thirty-third edition. The finest P.R.E. horses galloped through the FIBES arena, showcasing all their charm and elegance. The atmosphere was palpable and the battle for the Grand Prix and Prix St Georges title was electrifying.  The combination of scores from the Grand Prix and Prix St Georges, along with their respective freestyles tests, determined the winners

Grand Prix: Malagueño LXXXIII Defends Title

José Daniel Martin Dockx and Malagueño LXXXIII (by Joyero XXIV x Dominante XVI - bred and owned by Paco de Santiago) capped off their 2023 season by defending their title at SICAB. One week after shining at the CDI-W of Madrid Horse Week, the pair continued their golden streak at SICAB. Retaining the title at SICAB is a significant recognition for both the breeder and the rider. With nothing to lose and much to gain, Dockx showed unwavering determination. Securing the victory in the Grand Prix with 72.413%, the “Fuengirola”(Malaga) rider approached the centerline of Fibes' arena with intense focus in the freestyle.

Dockx and Malagueno
Dockx presented his famous Kur with Spanish melodies. Set to Paco de Lucía's "Entre Dos Aguas," the duo started strongly with a double pirouette followed by a line of tempi of changes every two strides. Stride by stride, the difficulty increased, delighting the audience with pirouettes in piaffe, changes in a straight line, or transitions from walk to piaffe with great ease. A myriad of exercises combining extension and collection to beautiful melodies. The highlight came in the final centerline, where the audience clapped along to the last strides. After their final salute, the audience rose from their seats, jubilantly cheering for the dark bay PRE. With a score of 78.540%, this pair once again tasted victory, crowned as the new champions of SICAB in in Grand Prix Level for second year in;a a row. His average with his GP score combined was 75.477%.

The silver position in the overall standing went to a rider who has achieved remarkable results with P.R.E. horses this season. Antonio Vazquez Quintero with Gaucho CAD (by Efusivo VII x Deseado XXIX) from Yeguada Mendoza Cadema claimed second place. In his debut in GP,  he has made quite an impression, showing gradual improvement at SICAB. While he scored 66.500% in the Grand Prix (fifth position), his Freestyle performance made him soar to a notable 72.055%, securing a silver total of 69.278%.

Alberto Garcia Brinon on Norteno FS
Taking the third spot in the overall standings is a horse from Yeguada Arroyomonte. Norteño FS (by Galeote TF x Ermitano III) boasts an impressive sporting record at SICAB, with a large collection of victories since the age of 4: gold in 2018 (4 years old), gold in 2020 (6 years old), and gold in 2022 (PSG). In its first strides in the Grand Prix, under the saddle of Alberto García Briñón, Norteño FS scored 67.217% in the GP and 71.135% in the freestyme. He averaged 69.176%.

In the Freestyle, the third position went to Juan Matute Guimon with Navaltocon (by Jupiter XXVI x Naranjero XX) - owned by Americans Margaret Carrera and Phil Joffe). The rider from Madrid once again shone at FIBES, just as he did last year with the same stallion (silver medal in Small Tour). Navaltocon stands out for its changes, particularly uphill and executed with a lot of jump. He finished third in the Kur with 72.165%.

PSG:  Trapalo de Indalo doesn't disappoint

As the clear favourite in the bets, Alejandro Sánchez del Barco and Yeguada Indalo's stallion Trapalo de Indalo  (by Esbelto VII x Bandolero LXVII) elegantly made his way to the gold medal. The charming grey stallion  never ceases to amaze. Winning the Prix St Georges with 71.765% and finishing second in the Intermediate I Kur with 74.010%, this duo claimed the overall victory for the third consecutive year. Alejandro concluded his 2023 season in the best style: victory at SICAB and the honorary ANCCE medal as rider for securing five wins in the ANCCE Cup Final.

Alejandro Sanchez on Trapalo de Indalo
• 2019 - Cantora de Indalo - 6 years
• 2021: Quincallo de Indalo II – Small Tour
• 2021: Trapalo de Indalo - 6 years
• 2022 - Trapalo de Indalo - 7 years.
• 2023: Trapalo de Indalo – Small Tour. 

The silver medal went to Jose Antonio Vázquez Quintero with Tormento FSR III (by Joyero XXIV x Selecto VI). Paco de Santiago's stallion made a grand debut at SICAB. In the PSG there was some tension, and he secured the third position with a score of 67.941%. The next day, to the melodies of Rosalía such as "Malamente," he claimed the victory with a notable 74.705%. His silver total and second medal at this SICAB was earned with an average of 71.323%.

Closing the trio of champions was the grey stallion from  Yeguada de Santa Isabel, Bribón Obatón (by Yulio JEM x Quitador II). Under the reins of Marcos Márquez, the PRE stallion finished  second in the first test (68.588%) and took third place in the Intermediaire I Kur with a score of 72.115%.

7-YO: Zeo Jocha reaches the Summit  

Shifting focus from the Big tour and Small Tour, in the 7-year-old category for developing Prix St Georges horses, Zeo Jocha (by Vagabundo XX x Tormento IX), owned by the Costa Rican breeder Ganaderia Jocha and bred by Yeguada Pena, stole the spotlight. Under Claudio Castilla Ruiz this stallion dominated the preliminary phase with a score of 73.690%. However, in the final, it couldn't replicate its victory, as Alba Abollo with Poniente FS claimed the win with 74.143%.

Claudio Castilla on Zeo Jocha
After the overall tally, Claudio Castilla finished his 2023 season with Zeo Jocha, securing the greatest joy of all: victory. Last year, they won the silver medal in six year old division and now they concluded the year  on a high note alongside their participation in the Young Horse World Championship and the title of Champion of the ANCCE Final. Claudio continues to enrich his sporting record at SICAB with his eighth title.

1. 2006 Vistoso XI – 6 years
2. 2015: Icaro MG - 7 Years 
3. 2017: Icaro MG - Big Tour 
4. 2018: Secretario MG – Small Tour
5. 2019: Napoleón Candau- Big Tour
6. 2020: Leal Mater - 4 years
7. 2020: Soriano MG - Small Tour
8. 2023: Zeo Jocha - 7 years

The silver medal went to Alba Abollo Fontela with Poniente FS (by Escandalo LXXV x Novelero XVI) from Yeguada Arroyomonte. They scored an average of 73.375%. The bronze went to Félix Álvarez with Resultón Nadales II (by Grandioso de Nad x Delfinium) with 70.845%. This horse is owned by Yeguada Nadales. 

In the youth categories, Manuel Crespo de Arriba with Bandolero CCCXXIV, Alejandro Navarro with Inquieta FSR, Paula Abril with Quimera Peluca, Claudia Lledó with Cocktail, and Carlota Rodríguez with Torero de Centurion are the new champions at the Alevin, Infant, Juvenile 0*, Juvenile 1*, and Young Riders levels.

Dressage Breeder of 2023: Yeguada Arroyomonte Stays on the Throne

Yeguada Arroyomonte is a living legend at SICAB. The stud farm owned by Fidel Saez  presents its artillery of horses every season, surprising with new horses.  This edition, the stud farm has once again reclaimed its throne and secured the title of the best Dressage Breeder of 2023. This achievement was thanks to the performances of Rociero FS, Pampero FS, Norteño FS, Quilate FS, Poniente FS, Soñadora FS, and Silencio FS.

• 2015: Yeguada Arroyomonte
• 2016: Yeguada Candau
• 2017: Yeguada Arroyomonte
• 2018: Yeguada Arroyomonte
• 2019: Yeguada Arroyomonte
• 2020: Yeguada Arroyomonte
• 2021: Yeguada Indalo
• 2022: Yeguada Arroyomonte
• 2023: Yeguada Arroyomonte

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