Isabell Werth Reconsiders Emilio's Retirement, Maybe More World Cup

Wed, 11/29/2023 - 16:20
Isabell Werth and Emilio score a double win at the 2023 CDI-W Stuttgart :: Photo © Digishots

In an interview with German equestrian journalist Kim Kreling, Isabell Werth has expressed doubts over the planned retirement of Emilio at the end of 2023.

After a double victory in the World Cup qualifier in Stuttgart last week, Werth has begun to hesitate over her decision to retire the 17-year old Westfalian at the CDI Frankfurt in December. The Stuttgart victory has suddenly boosted Emilio as a candidate for the 2024 World Cup Finals in Riyadh (KSA) in April.

"I’m still wavering in my heart – let’s see," Werth told Kreling. 

Kreling asked how Isabell plans to roll the Ehrenpreis x Cacir AA gelding into retirement. 

“Emilio will definitely be ridden next year, we always do it that way," she replied to Kreling. "We also rode Don Johnson for over a year and gradually increased the time on the pasture. Now he happily hops around in my pensioner band and is the boss there, even though at 22 years old he is the youngest (laughs). With Emilio you have to make the transition into the pensioner band very slowly, he only comes out with another coupling partner and then we have to see how and in which constellation he feels most comfortable."

Werth keeps one larger herd of retired horses which includes Don Johnson, First Class, Whisper, Laurenti, Der Stern and Donald (her sister's horse). 

"Ernie (El Santo) was injured, he is currently only with a mare, Lavani, and our Shetti Kelly.  Bella (Bella Rose) has been with our Welsh pony Henry since her foal was weaned. And then we’ll see where Emilio fits in after his retirement.”

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Photo © Digishots

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