Operation X Scheduled to be Aired, Pending Appeal Court Decision

Sat, 11/11/2023 - 11:51

Operation X, the most anxiously anticipated documentary about Andreas Helgstrand's horse dealing yard, is officially scheduled to be aired on 20 November 2023. The broadcast, however, is still pending an appeal court's decision. 

Ridehesten posted the news of the broadcast timing first. 

The Operation X documentary is scheduled for 22 November at 20h00. It has been titled: Operation X: Secrets of the Horse Billionaire.

Helgstrand filed an injunction after he found out a groom went undercover and made secret footage of the horses, training, and conversations for the documentary Operation X. The two parties met in Aalborg court on Monday 21 August 2023 and the verdict was cast on 4 September 2023. The court denied Helgstrand's request for injunction.

Helgstrand has appealed that decision. The appeal will be handled on Tuesday 14 November and, according to TV2, "the verdict will probably come some days later." TV2 has also confirmed that the Operation X programme on Helgstrand wil consist of two (!) episodes. 

Only if the court rules in favour of Operation X/TV2 the broadcast will take place.  The TV2 channel is a commercial channel on Danish television and only accessible to those that pay for it.

Cathrine Dufour, who rides and sells sales horses for Helgstrand from her own yard on Zealand, was recently interviewed by Danish tabloid Ekstra Bladet and quoted saying, "I follow the case closely, but I have no comments on it until there is something more tangible. We all love the horses and do everything we can to look after them.". Ekstra Bladet asked "You've worked there before, it's not something you've seen or noticed?" Her reply was, "never ever, never ever."

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