Campline Horses and Neymar Jr. Unite for 2023 Pan American Games

Sun, 10/15/2023 - 19:06
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Brazil is bringing Lusitano power to the 2023 Pan American Games…and the support of international football sensation, Neymar Jr.

Campline Horses and Horse Team shook up the equestrian world on 23 August 2023 when they joined forces with Neymar Jr,  the world famous Brazilian footballer who now playing for Saudi Arabia’s Alhilal. As the sporting world’s attention is turning to the eagerly awaited Pan American Games in Santiago, Chile, this unique partnership comes to the forefront with a union of a prominent Brazilian icon with that of the world’s leading Lusitano investment company.

A New Chapter in Sports Investment

In a compelling fusion of a passion for sports and innovation in investment, Horse Team/Campline Horses and Neymar Jr. are stepping onto the world stage. As we gear up for the 2023 Pan American Games, the alliance is setting new benchmarks for investment in equestrian sports..

A Brazilian Dream at the Pan American Games

Neymar Jr, ambassador for Horse Team Campline
The Brazilian Dressage Team is on the cusp of making history in Santiago, Chile. Their journey is bolstered by the support of Neymar Jr. himself, as he extends his influence beyond the football field. Horse Team / Campline Horses proudly represents Brazil with riders João Victor Marcari Oliva, partnered with Feel Good VO, and Renderson Oliveira, guiding Fogoso Campline. Neymar’s involvement is more than just an ambassadorship; it’s a testament to the passion and pride Brazilians share for sports, culture, and heritage.

Exclusive Investment Opportunities

The partnership with Neymar Jr. does not limit itself to the Pan American Games; it’s about redefining sports investment as a whole. Campline Horses, the world’s premier Portuguese breeding and investment company in Pure Blood Lusitano horses, has made an audacious decision to exclusively breed and sell their Lusitano horses, ending stud services for all their stallions, most notably the celebrated Escorial and Fogoso. 

With a mare band of over 400 purebred Lusitano fillies in their care, Horse Team / Campline Horses aspires to create a new era of Lusitano breeding for dressage sport. This novel investment concept opens up exciting possibilities for investors who desire a stake in the equestrian world and international sport. Offspring by these two foundation stallions can only be exclusively purchased through Campline or through Neymar Santos (father of Neymar Jr) and his team, who have the exclusive commercial rights to represent Horse Team/Campline Horses in Latin America.

A Vision for the Future

Joao Marcari Oliva on Escorial Campline
As we look beyond Santiago and towards the Paris Olympics in 2024, Horse Team / Campline Horses is on a path to broaden their presence in the sports world in collaboration with Neymar Jr.

Their joint goal is not just to participate but to elevate the profile of Lusitano horses at the highest levels of equestrian sports, globally. Uniting passion, investment, and cultural heritage, this collaboration is more than just a partnership; it’s a fusion of passion, dedication, and a shared vision for the future.

As Horse Team / Campline Horses and Neymar Jr. prepare to make their mark at the Pan American Games and beyond, the world is watching.

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