Technology Supports Everyday Equestrians through Challenging Times - Meet Your New ‘Training Partner’

Mon, 09/04/2023 - 10:37
Carl Hester has chosen the Ridely platform exclusively to host their training programs and interviews

Have you ever thought "it would be nice to have one app that does it all?” Well, the team at Ridely are giving equestrians the opportunity to have just that. 

Ridely is the new age, digital equestrian training platform that strives to help all riders achieve their goals. The app features over 450 training videos with 65 top class riders and trainers including 11 Olympians. Equestrians strive to be better - for themselves and for their horse - and with a wide range of topics and training tools, Ridely can help anyone improve.

Carl Hester and Charlotte Dujardin have chosen the Ridely platform exclusively to host their training programs and interviews. The world famous duo cover topics such as Riding the Perfect Extended Canter, Mastering Flying Changes, Perfecting Corners, Circles, Pirouettes, Supplebness, Rider Position and more. Their “super groom” Alan Davies, shares his grooming secrets that he used with Valegro, Uthopia, and the many other equine stars in Hester’s stables.

Other top names include Ingrid Klimke, Gareth Hughes, Henrik von Eckermann, Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum, Katherine Bateson-Chandler, Yvonne Losos de Muniz, Lillie Keenan, Joe Stockdale, Nicola Buchanan, and Andrew Hoy, who all have exclusive videos in the app, each taking riders in-depth through topics specific to their knowledge, expertise and discipline. 

Unlimited Access to App Features

Ridely really is revolutionising the way riders train and manage their horses from home, providing unlimited access to app features, group experts, existing and weekly new videos for the entire year at a cost of less than $2.50 per week! The app boasts a wide range of features including;

Carl Hester
Video Library: 450+ videos from Olympians, Trainers and Professionals in the equestrian industry covering a wide variety of disciplines, fitness and sports psychology. The videos are bite-sized so you can learn something in 5-10 minutes. No need to sit through a lengthy masterclass to get the help that you are seeking. The videos can also be watched on a browser.

Equestrian Calendar and Digital Logging: Track, log and record your training journey in one convenient space with colour coding, tagging, statistics, photos and video. 

Training Programs: Carefully curated video series taking riders to an end goal of improvement. Covering a range of topics with the world’s best riders and trainers. 

Groups with Experts: Supportive communities of like-minded equestrians and Ridely Experts to answer your questions and provide advice.

Ride Tracking: Accurately track your training sessions, hacks and adventures. Receive instant statistics and store them for future reference. Live share your rides to make sure someone knows exactly where you are on your hack and have returned safely to the barn.

For complete beginners to professionals

 “When developing Ridely, our goal was to help as many riders as possible to feel inspired and motivated to improve their training at their own pace. We are truly so grateful that these top riders have supported us, and have wanted to share their knowledge with us to help the equestrian community,” said CEO and Founder Ingrid Sundqvist.

Ridely doesn't replace your trainer, but is a fantastic resource and training partner. Helping equestrians all over the world across many different disciplines to feel inspired, connected as a community, and motivated to reach for their goals. 

Training secrets from experts such as Carl
“Ridely has changed the way I train for the better. The app helps me manage my time, stable and training. I have the ability now to learn from the best riders and trainers in the world and take this new found knowledge into my lessons. I rely on this app for my equestrian journey!” - Hannah J, Ridely User

Enabling Brands and the Equestrian Community to Engage Better Together

LeMieux and Charles Owen, both industry leading equestrian brands, have partnered with Ridely and believe in the power of education for the benefit of modern day equestrian sports. They also see it as an opportunity to maintain alignment and visibility with the riders they already support. Horse and Country recently partnered with Ridely to feature “The Ridely Show,” cross promoting and collaborating the two world class platforms for the greater good of the equestrian community.

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