Danish Youth Squads for 2023 Updated

Sat, 03/25/2023 - 19:44
Johanne Amby Ubbesen on Møgelvangs Ferrari (by Sezuan x Come Back II) :: Photo © Ridehesten

The technical staff of the Danish youth dressage teams have made their first updates of the squads for 2023. 

In December 2022 the Danish youth squads for 2023 were announced based on results achieved in 2022 at national and international shows, as well as performances at training seminars.

Three months into the new year, several updates have been done to the junior, young rider, and U25 squads. The junior and young rider squads have now been split up in the A and B teams with some riders achieving higher scores and standing out more for future team selection.

Junior Riders - A-Team

  • Annabelle Rehn
  • Johanne Kofod Jensen
  • Josephine Gert Nielsen
  • Sophia Boje Obel Jørgensen

Junior Riders - B-Team

  • Anna Teibel Raben
  • Caroline S. Jørgensen
  • Cornelia Munch Sinding
  • Clara Cordes Arnkjær
  • Karla Marillo Skov
  • Katrine Johannsen
  • Theresa Rosenkilde
  • Victoria Toft Waksvik

Young Riders - A-Team

  • Alexander Yde Helgstrand
  • Frederikke Gram Jacobsen

Young Riders - B-Team

  • Amalia Skjold
  • Elisabeth Bonefeld Dahl
  • Ida Kirstine Bjørn
  • Johanne Amby Ubbesen
  • Karoline Ravnsbo
  • Kristian Würtz Green
  • Laura Høj Vrå
  • Lea Andreassen Torabi
  • Pernille Korsgaard Madsen
  • Sophia Ludvigsen
  • Thilde Rude Hare

Under 25

  • Adam Sparlund Olesen
  • Caroline T. Elsner
  • Karoline Rohmann
  • Laura J. Rasmussen
  • Malene Aborg
  • Maria Mejlgaard Jensen
  • Pernille Korsgaard Madsen
  • Sandra Aagaard Hyrm
  • Sara Aagaard Hyrm
  • Sophia Ludvigsen
  • Thea Bech

Photo © Ridehesten

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