Escamillo x Vivaldi Tests Positive to Medication at 2022 Hanoverian Stallion Licensing

Tue, 01/17/2023 - 09:45
The Rhinelander bred Escamillo x Vivaldi x Lauries Crusador xx at the 2022 Hanoverian Stallion Licensing :: Photo © Petra Kerschbaum

A bay Escamillo x Vivaldi who was licensed at the 2022 Hanoverian Stallion Licensing in Verden at the beginning of November has tested positive to doping. He loses his licensed status and the buyer who purchased him at auction has returned the stallion.

The Escamillo x Vivaldi x Lauries Crusador xx was presented at the licensing by breeders Gudrun and Udo Strecker and it sold for 58,000 euro at auction.


The Hanoverian society issued a press release about the positive test: 

Since 2021, a routine medication check has been carried out on all licensed stallions of the Hanoverian licensing. As a result, at the 2022 autumn licensing, a positive detection of the active substance was provided in a stallion.

The blood sample analysis of the stallion with the head number 24 by Escamillo/Vivaldi at the Hanoverian dressage licensing of November 5th, 2022 is affected. The antibiotic active ingredient sulfadimethoxine was detected. The finding was confirmed by the analysis of the B sample.

In accordance with the statutes, the licensing judgment for the above-mentioned stallion is revoked. The stallion's medication also constitutes a violation of the Hannoveraner Verband's Good Governance guidelines, within the framework of which further measures are decided. The buyer has withdrawn from the purchase of the stallion.

A new presentation of the stallion for the licensing is possible after three months at the earliest.

Contamination Through Soybeans

The German breeding magazine Zuchterforum interviewed Strecker, who claimed the horse got contaminated by a batch of "dirty or moldy soybeans."

Zuchterforum posted, "the feed was already fed before the contamination was noticed. Since the stallion was healthy during the preparation, he was not given any medication. Strecker showed understanding for the buyer who withdrewn from the purchase. The Escamillo son will definitely be presented again at the licensing by the Strecker family."

Photo © Petra Kerschbaum

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