Neviolo, Best Seller of the 2022 Westfalian Pony Licensing Auction

Tue, 12/13/2022 - 08:29
Westfalian Auction News

Neviolo became the best selling pony at the auction following the 2022 Westfalian Pony Stallion Licensing in Munster-Handorf. The auction took place online and at the event.

The lot of 14 young stallions was completed by a three-year-old riding pony mare, thirteen of the collection of 15 sold.

Austria Invests in Ponies

The premium stallion Neviolo (by Neerlands WE x Cyrill WE) sold for 41,000 euro and will move to Bachinger stables in Austria. He is bred by Katharina Hadeler and sold by Danica Duen.

Austrian buyers from Bachinger stables purchased no less than give ponies at this auction. They also purchased the licensed Goldjunge (by FS Golden Highlight x HET Golden Dream) for 19,500 euro.  They further acquired the non-licensed ponies Danny de Vito (by Heitholds Dance Away x FS Numero Uno) for 6,000 euro, Deja-Vu (by Dating x Calvin Klein) for 6,750 euro, and Dallas (by D-Gold x Calvin Klein) for 11,500 euro. 

Dotcom vH

Dotcom vH
The second most expensive pony was the cremello, premium licensed stallion Dotcom vH (by D-Gold x Danilo) which sold for 36,000 euro. He is bred by Angela vom Hofe and was owned by ZG Schurf.

The licensed Dance Monkey EH (by Dreisimensional  x Dimension), bred and presented by Emily Hülsey, fetched 27,000 euro. The black stallion with the white tail will stay in Germany. 

 New Fashion (by Neverland x Cocky Man) sold for 15,000 euro. He'll move abroad. 

The average price for a pony in this auction was 17,096 euro. 

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