Panta-Rhei T, Top Seller of the 2022 Van Olst Sales Young Ones

Tue, 11/29/2022 - 11:44
Van Olst Sales
Panta-Rhei T (by Kjento x Tolando)

The 2.5-year old colt Panta-Rhei T became the top selling horse in the 2022 Van Olst Sales "The Young Ones" auction of which the online bidding concluded on 28 November 2022. 

Van Olst Horses presented a collection of fourteen 2.5-year old geldings, which have been handled but are completely green in their training. This "diamond in the rough" collection attracted global interest. 

The top seller, Panta-Rhei T (by Kjento x Tolando), however, will stay in The Netherlands and sold for 34,000 euro. 

American clients bought Prima d'Or (by Lewis x Rousseau) for 20,000 euro, Pjotr (by Lantanas x Negro) for 13,500 euro, and Prospect NA (by Lantanas x Negro) for 10,000 euro.

Pride (by Kjento x Uphill) moves to Germany for 19,000 euro, Patriot (by Kjento x Haarlem) sold for 16,000 euro and will remain in Holland.

Pitch Perfect VK (by Glamourdale x Ferro) will stay in Holland for 13,500 euro, while Pablo V (by Giovanni x Tolando) will move to Australia for 8,500 euro.

A Hungarian bought Playness (by Inverness x Chippendale) for 9,000 euro.

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