Quanto Fino, Best Seller of the 2022 Klosterhof Medingen Auction

Wed, 10/05/2022 - 09:24
Klosterhof Medingen
Quanto Fino :: Photos © Kiki Beelitz

The chestnut Quanto Fino became the best selling horse of the annual auction held by the Wahler family at its Klosterhof Medingen stable in Germany. 

With a fixed network of clients based in the affluent Hamburg area, as well as from across Germany and over the borders, Wahler is always able to achieve big sales prices at his auction. 

Quanto Fino, Best Seller

Twenty sport horses were on sale and five of them sold for more than 100,000 euro. The average price for a horse in this auction was 83,400 euro.

The top seller this year was the 5-year old Quanto Fino (by Quantensprung x Laurentio) who sold for 220,000 euro to Hamburg. 

German Grand Prix rider Andrea Timpe acquired the mare High Fashion (by Helium x De Niro) for 200,000 euro. 

Canadian Christilot Boylen has been a steady customer at Klosterhof Medingen and she brought a Canadian influx of clientele to the auction years ago. The mare Blue Moon (by Borsalino x Quantensprung) sold to Canada for 130,000 euro.

Be Dschinni (by Bernay x Breitling W) fetched 115,000 euro, Viniro (by Vitalis x De Niro) 110,000 euro.

Dohna (by De Niro x Belissimo M) went for 90,000 euro, Diamond White (by Diamond Hit x Danone) for 89,000 euro. Versailles (by Vidar x Deveraux) fetched 85,000 euro, Quillian (by Quantensprung x Laurentio) 80,000 euro, Felicita (by Furst Samarant x Bretton Woods) 75,000 euro.

A Belgian bought Bon Jovi (by Borsalino x Quaterback) for 60,000 euro through online bidding. 

For the first time a pony was included in the collection. The S-level competed, 9-year old Nelson (by Nemax x unknown) sold for 90,000 euro.

Diolinor, Top Foal

Twenty-seven foals were auctioned and the price highlight was colt Diolinor (by Danone x Bon Coeur). Bred by Silvia Zeyn, he sold for 75,000 euro to American dressage rider Betsy Rebar-Sells.

Filly Dalmatina (by Damaschino x Furstenball) and colt Va Fiero (by Va'Pensiero x Quantensprung) both sold for 36,000 euro. Va Fiero will join Diolinor in the U.S.A.

Colt Dunhill (by Damaschino x Londontime) went for 27,000 euro, Quinley (by Q-Sieben x Borsalino) for 19,000 euro.

A British customer bought Beccare (by Borsalino x Imhotep) through online bidding for 18,000 euro. 

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