David Stickland: How Would Dalera Weigh Against Glamourdale? A Radar Plot

Sun, 08/14/2022 - 13:50
Horses & Maths

- by David Stickland

So a hot topic in the last few days is wondering how things will go when Jessica von Bredow-Werndl Dalera go head to head with Lottie Fry Glamourdale, maybe in the Europeans 2023. Well their Freestyle scores were very similar (Jessica 91.96 Tokyo and Lottie 90.6 Herning) sh-o I thought it might be interesting to see their relative strengths.

The Radar plot shows the scores awarded while the Histogram takes account of the coefficients but also scales the scores of Jessica by 90.6/91.96 to put them on an exact level pegging as the final score can be different from competition to competition and depends on the judges at this level. The bars below the line are where Lotttie would gain advantage, and the points above the line where Jessica would.

Lottie picks up on the Trot, Extended Canter (of course) and Two-Tempi and a significant advantage with the Rhythm; while Jessica picks up in the One-Tempi, Pirouettes Passage-Piaffe and DOD

Of course it's a year away that we can hope to see this challenge play out in reality, and much can change. I'm guessing though that it might be more likely that Glamourdale can improve in the Passage/Piaffe than Dalera can develop the extensions and rhythm to the Glamourdale level. One is training and the other more intrinsic. But I'm an analyst not a rider/trainer....

Freestyle Medal Rides

I also compared the freestyle medal rides on one figure. Every other Extended Trot looked like a pony, and I have nothing against ponies

More score analyses by David Stickland on his Global Dressage Analytics' Facebook account.

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