Golden Romance Malleret PS Joins Helen Langehanenberg, Nurnberger Burgpokal Planned for Zaeta de Malleret

Thu, 03/24/2022 - 16:41
Golden Romance Malleret PS and Helen Langehanenberg

Renowned French dressage breeding station Haras de Malleret has sent its 7-year old Oldenburg stallion Golden Romance Malleret PS into training with Helen Langehanenberg. 

Golden Romance Malleret PS is by Governor out of Gesina (by Sir Donnerhall x Don Schufro). He is bred by Paul Schockemöhle and a half brother to the licensed stallions For Romance I and II, Despacito, Feinrich, Don Romance and Furst Donnerhall.

Bronze Medalist

Gérald Martinez, owner of Haras de Malleret, fell in love with the liver chestnut stallion when the colt was 2.5 years old and purchased a half ownership share in him.

"This young horse is all legs and stands out with his ground cover," said Martinez. "His trot is particularly elastic, he has lovely freedom in the shoulder, and a big canter. His beautiful disposition and pretty face catch your eye straight away."

Golden Romance Malleret PS was first trained at Haras de Malleret in Le Pian Médoc near Bordeaux before being sent to French Olympian Jessica Michel in 2019. Michel piloted the young stallion to a fourth place at the 2019 French Young Horse Championships and to the bronze medal in 2020. They were also first reserves for the 2020 World Young Horse Championships, which were cancelled due to Covid. 

Gérald Martinez and Golden Romance Malleret PS
In 2021, Dorothee Schneider took over the reins of Golden Romance and her assistant Hannah Rother began competing the talented stallion in Germany.  Rother and Golden Romance qualified for the 2021 Bundeschampionate in Wolfskehlen and competed at the Finals in Warendorf.

Helen Langehanenberg

A new chapter has begun for Golden Romance in the early spring of 2022. He has now moved into training with Helen Langehanenberg.

"After the Bundeschampionate, I brought Golden Romance back home, where he had some holidays before we gradually put him back in work with Pauline (Guillem)," Martinez explained. "Pauline brought the best back out in him, but unfortunately she's too tall for him. I discussed it with Paul Schockemöhle, who is my partner in Golden Romance, and we both agreed to entrust him to Helen."

Martinez confirmed that Langehanenberg is thrilled with the new addition to her barn.

"From the first sessions with Helen, she left me a message saying: “I love Golden, he is awesome!"," said Martinez. "I then received a video, the pair is just superb! This year the plan is to get selected for the 2022 World Young Horse Championships for 7-year olds in Ermelo. He sincerely deserves it."

Double Collaboration: Zaeta and Golden Romance

Helen and Zaeta de Malleret at the 2022 CDN Ankum
Martinez is extremely pleased with his collaboration with the German Olympian, whom he entrusted Zaeta de Malleret, a 2014 born Oldenburg mare by Zonik x Sir Donnerhall, in May of last year.

Owner and trainer have been thrilled with her development and results achieved in the competition ring. Helen has shown the mare herself in several S* level tests . This prompted Martinez to allocate a second Malleret horse to Helen.

"I had the vision of the almost perfect Helen - Zaeta combination in terms of harmony and her development is exactly what I dreamed of, no disappointment,"  Gérald explained. "Helen is a fighter, extremely professional, hard working. I matched her with Zaëta because the mare is not the biggest and fits Helen perfectly. Zaeta's lack in size is compensated by her warrior temperament and her great movements."

He continued, "I was able to spend some time with Helen last year, I was pleasantly surprised by her discretion, her humility. She is a very great rider who knew how to keep it simple. I need all these parameters to feel comfortable and confident when I work hand in hand and when I make this great effort to entrust one of my horses. It's never easy!"

A Great Future Ahead

Martinez is particularly proud of Zaeta, for whom he sees a great future ahead. 

Helen Langehanenberg and Zaeta de Malleret
"She gives me a lot of pride as she was from the first crop born at Malleret," he said. "Her dam is the fantastic Sadira who only produces outstanding horses. The decision to take her out of the sport to dedicate her as a broodmare was not easy because I think she would have become an important Grand Prix mare! This year we will try to qualify Zaëta for the 2022 Nürnberger Burgpokal. I admit I don't know yet if we will still have her in 2024 or if Zaëta will have been sold in the meantime. I sincerely think she could have the talent for the 2024 Olympics!"

Martinez is selective in choosing new riders and owners of his Malleret horses. 

"I don't want to sell for the sake of selling, a question of perfect match between rider and horse," he explained. "All the parameters must be met. Look at Barcelona and Fenella, ​​look at Forsazza and Jessica, they are wonderful couples and everyone is on the same wavelength. It is a pleasure for me and a great satisfaction for the entire Malleret team when we see the positive evolution of the horses that we have seen develop for many years. They will always bear the imprint, the DNA of Malleret!"

Photos © private - Les Garennes - Ruchel

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