EDS-Prinsenstad Collection: Foals from Dam lines of Performance Dressage Horses

Fri, 07/30/2021 - 13:25
Excellent Dressage Sales
Rieky's Design (by Furst Dior x Flemmingh)

The EDS-Prinsenstad online foal auction will take place on Saturday 21 August. View now the more than 65 dressage foals from the collection which are presented on the website. All foals have been carefully selected by the EDS team, consisting of Tim Coomans, Nico Witte, Joop van Uytert and Joep Schellekens.

The complete picture

Several EDS selection days are held every year, during which the foals are selected on conformation and movement. The pedigree also plays a role in the selection. EDS team: “We are really looking for foals that fit the complete picture. This year it has been successful again. We are very pleased with the offer during the selection days and in our eyes, we have a top collection!”

Young stallions are doing well

Richmond TC (by Dynamic Dream x United)
The collection is very diverse, with foals from proven sires and foals from young, promising stallions. This last category in particular produced a large number of striking foals. The young champion stallion Jameson RS2, which has eight offspring included in the 2021 collection, is captain. One of these eight foals is the dark Ricciardo (Jameson RS2 x Jazz). This appealing colt has an active hind leg and a natural uphill canter.

After Jameson RS2, Las Vegas and Fürst Dior follow as top suppliers in this collection with 6 and 5 selected offspring. Of the first mentioned, Renaissance (Las Vegas x Florencio) is an interesting foal. Dam Call Me Set already produced two good sons for the stallion selection and is the dam of the well-known mare Kiss Me Set (by Fellini), which was honored in 2018 as best of the three-year-old at the National Mare Inspection. Fürst Dior may have produced the auction topper in Rieky's Design (Fürst Dior x Flemmingh). This exceptionally talented foal moves with a lot of power, suppleness and attitude.

From a good family

Renaissance (by Las Vegas x Florencio)
Several foals from the collection are related to very well-performing dressage horses. Royal Edition A (by Blue Hors Monte Carlo TC) is a descendant of the mare Hot Shot A, which herself is classified Z2 dressage. She is the full sister of Illusion A, which won the VSN Trophy as a 4 year old and became 4th at the Pavo Cup.

Richmond (by Dynamic Dream) goes one step further. In approved stallion Blue Hors Monte Carlo TC, this appealing colt has a very well-known brother. Dam Gina-Ballerina is the half sister of a Grand Prix horse and three Small Tour horses. This damline can be counted as one of the best descends in the Netherlands, which makes Richmond extra interesting.

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