Ninety-Two Colts Accepted on Pre-Selection Days for 2019 KWPN Stallion Licensing

Mon, 12/10/2018 - 07:19
2016 Belgian Warmblood Foal Champion Quiz Me Quick van de Kempenhoeve accepted for the second phase of the 2019 KWPN Stallion Licensing :: Photo © Digishots

The KWPN licensing committee has selected a group of 92 colts on five pre-selection days on 4 - 8 December 2018 that are allowed to move on to the second phase of the 2019 KWPN Stallion Licensing in February.

The KWPN Stallion Licensing pre-selection days are held in Ermelo, The Netherlands, and the dressage colts were up for inspection on 4 - 8 december 2018. No less than 258 dressage bred colts were assessed over five days.

On the first two days 39 colts received a positive verdict.  On the other three days, 53 colts passed, bringing the tally to a grand total of 92 colts accepted for the second phase!

On the third day on 6 December 2018, 16 colts got a green light to move on to the second phase. The offspring by Ferdeaux stood out on this day with four sons accepted. El Capone had three sons accepted. 

On the fourth day on 7 December 2018, another 16 were added to the group. Governor (by Totilas x Jazz) has no less than six sons accepted. Glamourdale had four sons accepted, Toto Jr three.

On the final and fifth day of pre-selection, 21 colts received a positive verdict. Grand Galaxy Win (by Apache) was the stand-out sire with no less than six sons accepted. 

A "second chance" pre-selection day for stallions that were not accepted or missed the pre-selection will be held on 10 December. A big lot of 53 colts is entered for the second chance day.

Accepted on 6, 7 and 8 December 2018 were:

  • Louis ter Kwincke (by Easy Game x Damon Hill)
  • Luxor (by Ebony x Charmeur)
  • Luca Brasi (by El Capone x Sydney)
  • Let's go (by El Capone x Florencio)
  • Leonardo Dicaprio (by El Capone x Krack C)
  • Lex VOD (by Eye Catcher x Uphill)
  • Looks (by Ferdeaux x Jazz)
  • Lacrosse RS2 (by Ferdeaux x San Remo)
  • Lardeaux (by Ferdeaux x Wynton)
  • Lordswood Legend (by Ferdeaux x Wynton)
  • Lewis (by Ferguson x Wynton)
  • Lamborghini (by Finest x Dresemann)
  • Leerava (by Florencio x Negro)
  • Lucky U.S. (by For Gribaldi x Flemmingh)
  • n.n. (by For Romance x Don Schufro)
  • Furst Donnerhall (by Furstenball x Sir Donnerhall)
  • Loverboy EB (by All at Once x Festrausch)
  • Luxe PB (by George Clooney x Jazz)
  • Luxor BR (by George Clooney x Tuschinski)
  • L'Homme HM (by Glamourdale x Houston)
  • Loverdale (by Glamourdale x Tango)
  • Lennon (by Glamourdale x Jazz)
  • Lance VOD (by Glamourdale x Davino VOD)
  • Liverpool TC (by Toto Jr x Gouverneur)
  • Landmark Texel (by Toto Jr x Ferro)
  • Lord Toto's Fascination (by Toto Jr x Ampere)
  • Let's Dance (by Governor x Lord of Loxley)
  • Leeghwater T (by Governor x Ampere)
  • Lloyd (by Governor x Charmeur)
  • Lagoon W (by Governor x Krack C)
  • Lananco A (by Governor x Ferro)
  • Lucky Luke (by Governor x Florencio)
  • Landal G (by Ghandi x Rousseau)
  • Lord Lorenzo DB (by Gotcha Utopia x Uphill)
  • Leopard M (by Gotcha Utopia x Jazz)
  • Quiz Me Quick van de Kempenhoeve (by Governor x Rousseau)
  • Lennox W (by Grand Galaxy Win x Rousseau)
  • L'Amour (by  Grand Galaxy Win x San Remo)
  • Lotus S (by  Grand Galaxy Win x Juventus)
  • Landman (by  Grand Galaxy Win x Flemmingh)
  • Livingstone (by  Grand Galaxy Win x Uphill)
  • Qadansky van het Bloemenhof (by  Grand Galaxy Win x Quaterback)
  • Loco Flanell STH (by Grey Flanell x Fidertanz)
  • Luuk H (by Gunner KS x Vivaldi)
  • Lucky L (by Gunner KS x Sir Sinclair)
  • L (by Hermes x Sandreo)
  • Lincom's Lord Heros CL (by Heros Begijnhoeve x San Remo)
  • Lucky One M (by High Five x Apache)
  • Livius (by High Five x Gribaldi)
  • Lamborghini (by High Five x Olivi)
  • Lucky Luke T (by High Five x Krack C)
  • Lifestyle (by Hometown x Ampere)
  • Look a Superstar (by Johnson x Negro)

Photo © Digishots

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