Individual Breeding Goals Achieved with the Hanoverian Breeding Program

Mon, 07/23/2018 - 09:41
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Hanoverian mare and foal

It is anchored in every breeding program, and it is the base of the modern sport horse breed: the breeding goal. The Hanoverian breeding program describes the desired properties as follows: “The Hanoverian breed is particularly destined for equestrian sport. The horses are meant to be suitable for performance and pleasure riding purposes because of their inner properties, rideability, conformation, sequence of motion, jumping capabilities and health. This is the basis for breeding horses with the main focus been placed on one of the equestrian disciplines dressage, show jumping or eventing."

It is obvious that this breeding goal provides every breeder with many options to develop and to implement own ideas and to define own breeding goals within the outlined framework. Breeders may have different ideas or pose different requirements on their own horses and on the stallions they choose for breeding. There are the different disciplines on the one hand for which the Hannoveraner Verband has adopted the guideline “main disposition” in 2010. “Breeding sport horses requires a clear orientation towards a particular disposition for dressage, show jumping or eventing. All features have to be evaluated for the selection. Exclusively show jumping lines and the well-matching sires are scheduled to be used for breeding jumpers. Dressage lines, appropriate show jumping lines and well-matching refining stallions are scheduled to be used for breeding dressage horses.”

It is recommended to systematically benefit from show jumping properties such as a strong back and work ethic in the dressage horse breed if the stallions or mares show the necessary movement potential. However, using dressage lines in the show jumping breed has not proven to be a valuable method.

Hanoverian breeding program
The first question breeders have to answer is the question of what discipline they want to concentrate on. The next question is the question of what performance category they are striving for. Not all breeders want to breed Olympic champions. Breeders, however, who focus on this goal have to consequently follow the sports happenings. They have to discover the properties top equestrian sport requires and have to check their mare and then possible stallions for these properties.

This intensive work is also necessary for breeders who want to focus on breeding horses for advanced level amateur sport. Details may be different, but it is nevertheless necessary to consequently define the requirements and to thoroughly check whether mare and stallion match these properties.

Every breeder follows an own plan, and there is nothing better – apart from the birth of a foal – than to recognize one day that the breeding goal has been achieved. This is the reason why Hanoverian horses are not only successful and reliable partners at Olympic Games, World and European Championships, but also coveted and beloved pleasure partner and reliable friend.

Verden Auction on August, 3/4 - Foals and Broodmares

Your next mare or foal at the Elite Auction
For the third time, the Verden Auction for foals and broodmares will be held at the same time as Verden International which offers five days of top riding sport for the public. There will be riding horse and showjumping ability championship classes as well as dressage championship classes.

On friday and saturday foals and broodmares with promising pedigrees will be auctioned on the same premesis. The presentation for the jumping foals and broodmares will take place on Friday, August 4, they will be auctioned at the same day on 6 pm. The dressage foals and broodmares will be presented on Saturday, August 4, 1 pm and auctioned at 6 pm the same day.

The presentations for the foals and broodmares will be held on the outdoor ring "Hannoveraner Arena" at 1.00pm. The auction will be held both days at 6.00 pm in the Niedersachsenhalle.

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