2018 Equitour Aalborg Will Take Place Despite Rhino Outbreak in Denmark

Tue, 05/08/2018 - 11:25
2018 Equitour Aalborg
Equitour Aalborg show grounds in Uggerhalne, Denmark

During the last couple of weeks, rhinopneumonia (also known as equine herpes virus) outbreaks have been identified in Denmark and abroad. The organisers behind Equitour Aalborg have been following the development carefully and in consultation with professionals it has been decided to carry out the international event in Uggerhalne as planned on 23-27 May.

This is on the condition that the situation has been stabilised and no further large breakouts occur in Denmark

"We are taking the situation very seriously. We have been consulting professionals and relevant veterinarians both nationally and internationally. After thorough consideration, we have therefore decided to carry out the event as planned," said Jens Trabjerg from Equitour Aalborg. "The event will take place at the impressive show ground at Helgstrand Academy with the international sales and training centre and stallion station Helgstrand Dressage as its closest neighbour. In the beginning of May, Helgstrand Dressage chose to take its precautions and limit the access to the entire area."

"It is important to understand that at Helgstrand Dressage and Helgstrand Academy we have not seen any signs of the virus. We are not willing to take a risk and that is why we have chosen to take these precautions to protect our horses," said Andreas Helgstrand.

More precautions The organisers have started implementing more precautions which means that the event will be held under the same conditions and with the known risks related to housing horses from different environments.

"We follow the recommendations from national and international veterinarians and this means that all participants need to sign a sworn statement confirming that their horses have not had the fever the last ten days before arrival to the showgrounds. Furthermore, the entire stable as well as the temporary show stable will be washed down with a special disinfection product that will kill any virus that may be present," Jens Trabjerg concluded.

For more information, contact Director of Equitour Aalborg:

What is Rhinopneumonia

What we know about rhinopneumonia Rhinopneumonia is a disease which has existed for many years both in a form called type 1 and a form called type 4. Most horses have the virus in their body and in certain cases virus can be re-activated and make the horse excrete infection or become ill. Therefore, rhinopneumonia cannot be eliminated and from time to time, individual horses will become spontaneously ill from the virus.

Rhinopneumonia 1 causes fever, respiratory disorders, paralysis and sometimes abortion among pregnant mares. The illness usually starts as a respiratory disorder with fever and coughing. After approximately two weeks, paralysis might befall.

Rhinopneumonia 1 primarily transmits as a droplet infection from the respiratory passages both through direct contact between horses and by indirect contact via clothing, shoes, trailer, food and horse tack etc. Infection can occur through other body fluids as well.

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