Eugene Reesink Joins Excellent Dressage Sales' Team

Thu, 01/04/2018 - 10:22
2018 Excellent Dressage Sales
Eugene Reesink :: Photo © Astrid Appels

Eugene Reesink has joined the team that organizes and scouts horses for the annual Excellent Dressage Sales.

"Eugène is a true horse man and is successful in breeding young talented stallions," said EDS press officer Eline de Groot. "He is known for several successful horses, like Florencio, Franziskus, Don Juan de Hus, Spielberg, Schumacher, Florentiano, Vitalis, Ampère and Romeo, and more recently Valverde and Ibiza."

Eugène grew up with horses and aged 20 he began his sales business. Over the years he has built a large network of many good breeders in The Netherlands and abroad, with whom he regularly does business. With good breeders he negotiates the first right of purchase in advance, in order to get good horses for the future.

"I get very enthusiastic when I see a well moving foal with a lot of charisma, which almost always grows into an interesting dressage horse," said Eugène.

"By adding Eugène to the team, the EDS team is joined by a hardworking and all-round horseman, who thinks outside the box and constantly looks for innovation," said EDS team member Tim Coomans.

The EDS team further includes horse dealers Joop van Uytert, Nico Witte, and Joep Schellekens.

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