Anne Troensegaard: "Equine 74 Gastric Made Kipling More Relaxed and In Front of the Aids"

Tue, 12/12/2017 - 11:30
Equine Health

Danish Anne Troensegaard has had a stellar year on her 7-year old Trakehner gelding Kipling, winning bronze at the 2017 World Championships for Young Dressage Horses and silver at the 2017 Danish Young Horse Championships. Equine 74 Gastric, a safe and effective alternative to treat horses for recurring ulcers, has helped Kipling come to a peak condition and performance.

Gastric ulcers are a common place problem for stabled horses and as a believer in the best horse care, Anne went in search of a natural product for long-term ulcer management.

Before Ermelo I wanted some product to help Kipling. He is quite a High energy horse and a bit nervous at times," Troensegaard explained. "My good student Karen Marie Wiinblad knew that Anke Ter Beek had used Equine 74 Gastric, and she helped me contact Helle Dueholm, the agent for the product in Denmark."

Sport horses often suffer from gastric ulcers and medication, like omeprazole, is no long-term solution. Equine 74 Gastric buffers stomach acids instead of just blocking them and it creates a healthy pH- balance in the horse's stomach.

"When I started using Equine 74 Gastric I felt Kipling was more relaxed and much better in front of the aids to my legs," said Troensegaard who felt the effect of the product on a very short term basis.

Despite the best care from a training perspective, some horses still need to help when it comes to ulcer prevention. Anne now relies on Equine 74 Gastric  for ulcer prevention and gastric relief for their horses. Equine 74 Gastric is more cost-effective and gentle on the horse's constitution than pharmaceutical medication.

"The last three months have clearly made Kipling's stomach better," Troensegaard concluded.

For further informations or call directly Christian under +49 172 5184099.

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