Cesar Torrente Elected a Member of the FEI Tribunal

Sat, 11/25/2017 - 01:00
Colombian Dressage News

Cesar Torrente, a Colombian 4* dressage judge and a lawyer by profession, has been appointed on the FEI Tribunal. His new position was ratified by the FEI Bureau at the General Assembly in Montevideo, Uruguay, on 18 - 21 November 2017.

A native of Colombia and based in Bogota, Cesar Torrente is an international dressage judge and an FEI level dressage competitor. He is the first judge to be promoted through the 2013 FEI 3 * program and was recently promoted to 4* status.

Torrente receive the team gold medal two times in the South American Games and the Central American Games and is currently the team trainer for Ecuador. 

Torrente has now been elected on the FEI Tribunal. An FEI Tribunal member begin his/her term at the close of the General Assembly at which they were elected and remain in office for a period of four years unless he/she resigns, is dismissed by the General Assembly or ceases to be a member for any other reason. 

"Thanks to God and to all Federations around the world that made this possible," Torrente stated after his election. "A great opportunity to help our beautiful sport. I am blessed and will do my best."

Photo © Astrid Appels

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