2017 Global Dressage Forum Cancelled

Fri, 09/08/2017 - 22:42
Dutch Dressage News

For the first time in 17 years there will be no Global Dressage Forum. The organizers of this educational seminar were unable to find a high enough quality field of riders and trainers as keynote speakers at the event.

The organizers of the Global Dressage Forum posted a message on their website today announcing the cancellation of the 2017 edition "due to unforeseen circumstances."

However in an interview with Horses.nl, founder and co-organizer Joep Bartels stated that GDF was unable to create a top programme this year. 

"We could not get together top trainers, riders and clinics for this year's forum," Bartels told Horses.nl. "There was also no guest country this year who wanted to organize the forum. In Aken we sat together at the table and decided not to organize this year's edition."

Bartels added that they are looking for a new guest host of the forum for 2018, but they are also working on a new project, an "Inside Seminar at the 2018 CDIO Aachen" where they want to bring together riders, trainers and judges and get them more involved in the decision making process of the FEI.

In 2017 Ullrich Kasselmann hosted the Forum and in 2015 Blue Hors Stud took over the organisation, taking the forum out of The Netherlands for the first time. The original venue was Bartels Academy in Hooge Mierde, The Netherlands, which has hosted all other 14 editions.

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