The Verden Auctions from the Vet's Point of View: Personal Care is Ensured

Mon, 07/03/2017 - 10:48
Verden Auction News

There are riding horses offered for sale every second month at one of the Verden auctions. Whether dressage, show jumping or eventing, whether professional rider, ambitious amateur or pleasure rider: Customers from all over the world find their perfect match in Verden, since meanwhile more than 60 years. All horses sold in Verden have one thing in common: They have already been inspected by auction vet Dr. Frank Reimann and thus meet highest health requirements.

Vet check? – Perfect!

Only perfectly healthy horses are accepted for the collections of the Verden auctions. Parallel to the selection trips, the future auction horses are already checked by the vet. Auction management and vet committee already met before the horses arrive in Verden for the photo and video shooting to decide which horses will qualify for the auction.

Highest demands on health

All horses sold in Verden have completed an extensive pre-sale examination. This includes x-rays and clinical examination according to a uniform German standard. In a first step, the horse is examined in a resting state with skin, eyes, teeth and heart being examined for abnormalities. Then the musculoskeletal system is tested on hard ground and at the lunge including bending test.

“An x-ray examination will only follow if the horses have successfully completed this clinical examination. Basically only horses without clinical signs are selected for the auction,” says Dr. Frank Reimann, responsible auction vet at the Hannoveraner Verband. 12 x-rays are made. Horses with findings that only deviate slightly from the norm are directly accepted for the auction. “Acceptable for me as a vet are also findings that are acceptable for a horse without clinical abnormalities,” describes Dr. Frank Reimann his personal assessment. A team consisting of auction management, vet and insurance finally decides about the sales prospects for these horses. Horses with bad x-rays are principally not accepted for the auction. That way the buyers can be sure to purchase a horse free from any health issues in Verden.    

Vet tasks

„During the two weeks lasting auction period, I start to work at 8.00 am with the presentation of the horses in-hand,” describes Dr. Frank Reimann the initial phase of the auction routine. During auction times, his daily schedule also includes a number of advisory meetings. Exhibitors and potential customers are particularly interested in the x-rays. During the auction period, all x-rays are available online or at the office of Dr. Frank Reimann. During fixed opening hours, he informs personally, on the phone or by email about the health status of the auction horses. To get a comprehensive picture of all horses, he also observes the training in the Niedersachsenhalle. His assistants take regular faecal samples to ensure that all horses are free from intestinal parasites. After the auction, the vets are primarily engaged in taken blood or swab samples of the horses sold abroad. This is how the Hannoveraner Verband ensures a smooth export procedure for seller and buyer.

Sustainably insured

The Hannoveraner Verband also ensures sustainable insurance coverage. All horses sold at one of the Verden auctions are insured with Vereinigte Tierversicherung Gesellschaft a. G. (VTV), and this contract is passed on to the purchaser after the auction. The purchased horse is then insured for another six month. Continued insurance is possible without a new vet check. Summary

The Verden auctions provide all those looking for horses a fantastic opportunity to find a perfect, healthy partner. An extensive vet check before the auction and perfect care during the whole auction period are Verden standard. The well-being of the horse including perfect health care is the number one priority for the vets of the Hannoveraner Verband and their assistants. Apart from that, the Hannoveraner Verband guarantees insurance coverage of the horses by the insurance company VTV, during the auction period and six months after the purchase.

You want to buy a Verden auction horse? The collection of the Verden Auction on July 14/15 features healthy, pre-selected and rideability-tested horses.

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Photos © Stefan Lafrentz