Mini Mentees Selected for 2017 Mentoring Programme of Deutsche Bank Equestrian Sport Academy

Sun, 05/28/2017 - 10:09
German Dressage News

The Deutsche Bank Equestrian Sport Academy has successfully launched its "Mini Mentee" programme and assigned each member of the Academy a mentor role for a youth rider.

Deutsche Bank Equestrian Sport Academy was founded in 2015. In its second year 10 grant recipients were appointed in 2016 for the 2017 show season. The goal of project  is to help high performance riders on their way to sportive and professional success. They get individual training, access to selected shows in Germany and coaching by mentors of the Deutsche Bank for the development of their professional dressage career. The best performing grant recipient obtains a starting place at the 2017 CDIO Aachen in July.

In addition, the Deutsche Bank Equestrian Sport Academy launched the "Mini Mentee" programme in which the grant recipients coach a talented youth rider on his/her path to succes.  The Deutsche Bank Equestrian Sport Academy received four times as many submissions for the Mini Mentee programme as in 2016. 

"We really had a break out of sweat and discussed for a long time," said the Deutsche Bank selection committee about assigning the mentors to the right candidates.

Because of the success of the program, the Academy has relisted four academy alumni to help with the mentoring.  So for 2017 not 10 but 14 training collaborations have been assigned.

The Mentor - Student collaborations are:

  • Charlott Marie ->Lia Julie Beckmann 
  • Lisa-Maria Klössinger  -> Nikola Carlsen 
  • Kathleen Keller  -> Franziska Haase 
  • Franziska Stieglmaier -> Katharina Häufele 
  • Sanneke Rothenberger -> Marie Henrich
  • Juliette Piotrowski -> Annika Jedrkowiak 
  • Victoria Michalke -> Marie Müller
  • Ursula Wagner -> Tabea Rekers 
  • Charlotte Rummenigge -> Martin Schuhmeir
  • Florine Kienbaum -> Nina zur Lages
  • Nadine Husenbeth -> Greta Brahms
  • Hendrik Lochthowe -> Julia Katharina Hamm
  • Svenja Peper -> Anna Horstmann
  • Annabel Frenzen -> Stephanie Kemper

All Mini Mentees are invited to attend the CDIO Aachen for one day and smell the atmosphere. 

Photo © Astrid Appels

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