Piaffe Launches Rebrand of One of Britain's Premium Dressage Retailers

Wed, 05/10/2017 - 07:27
Eurodressage Market - Products

Piaffe Limited, the management and marketing company is best known for its representation of some of the most well-known and upcoming riders in the sport of dressage and show jumping, including the long-term representation of Charlotte Dujardin. The company has, however, worked with a number of brands over the years, advising them on their strategy and marketing; experience they pass on from working in the worlds of advertising and entertainment in London for over ten years.

So, when the UK dressage retailer, Fur Feather Meds approached them, to analyse their brand in the UK retail market, Piaffe’s founder, Abby Newell didn’t hesitate.

“I knew of Lili (Brooksby Dalby), the Founder of Fur Feather Meds but only because she trains with Charlotte (Dujardin) I didn’t know much about the brand or the ethos behind the FFM name. It has a huge amount of loyal customers both physically and online and on delving into the brand, there really is a lovely family story there and many really love Lili’s personability and what she and her brand stand for, not to mention how hard she works”

Defining what the brand stands for in the eyes of its current and future customer base has been a process that Piaffe have been working closely with Lili on. The company has now been rebranded to Feather Dressage and strives to be the number one dressage retailer in the UK.

The business was founded in 2009 and is a family run affair with Lili at the helm and her mum, Elaine Brooksby “Keeper of the Stock”. Lili is a keen dressage rider and trainer, and stocks products she happily uses on her own horses. She wears all the rider brands herself, and it is a stockist of premium brands, such as Kingsland, Pikeur, Eskadron, euro-star, HV Polo, Equestrian Stockholm, and more.

The company is also active in supporting upcoming and established riders and as they launch the newly rebranded Feather Dressage, have also began the sponsorship of British Grand Prix rider, Louise Bell.

“I am really excited by the rebrand and direction of the Feather Dressage company,” states Lili

“It’s something we have built from the ground up and we are really committed to bringing the best rider and equine lines to our customer base and developing the company long term. The new partnership with Louise Bell and Feather Dressage is really exciting for us. Louise and her current top horse “Into The Blue” are continuing to cement their mark on the British Dressage scene. The horse was bred by the great John Whitaker, and Louise’s transition from Showing to Dressage is really inspiring to so many. ‘Dynamo’ as he is affectionately known was Royal International Supreme Working Hunter Champion, Royal Windsor Champion and also Great Britain's National Champion Working Hunter. She made the transition to dressage just over five years ago and is already working at Grand Prix gaining 70+% in only their third outing. She is an exciting addition to our lovely roster of sponsored riders and perfect timing as we strive to make the Feather Dressage name more established with elite riders, as well as continuing to serve our existing customer base, whom we adore, and thank personally for being part of our journey. I’m really excited for what the future holds.”

The autumn will see the second year of a charity fashion show hosted by Lili, with actual equines taking to the ‘catwalk’, which this year will be in aid of the charity ‘Prince Fluffy Kareem’ and Lili hopes that it will continue to raise more and more for the annual charity recipient, year on year. Last year, the evening raised over £3500 in one night and was enjoyed by all.

Feather Dressage: www.featherdressage.com
Piaffe Limited: www.piaffe.co.uk
Louise Bell: www.louisebell.co.uk