Cargill Admits to Trace Amounts of Ractopamine in Soothing Pink Supplement

Fri, 05/05/2017 - 13:55
American Dressage News

Cargill, the feed company that produces the Soothing Pink supplement, has found trace amounts of ractopamine in their product. The U.S. horses Horizon and Don Principe were fed with this product and tested positive to the banned substance.

Statement from Cargill – Trace amounts of ractopamine found in Soothing Pink product

Last month, two U.S. equestrian competitors – Adrienne Lyle and Kaitlin Blythe -- were provisionally suspended by the Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) after their horses tested positive for ractopamine, an additive used in cattle and swine feed to promote leanness. Although the ingredient presents no health risks for horses, it is a banned substance in equestrian competition.

These two competitors both use Cargill products, so it was important to determine if one of our products was the source of the trace ractopamine. We have had an open dialogue with the two riders and the horse owners, Elizabeth Juliano and Maryanna Haymon, and have worked very closely with them to determine the cause of the positive test results.

Through our investigation, we identified that Progressive Nutrition® Soothing Pink™, a nutritional supplement used to prevent gastric upset, contained an ingredient that included trace amounts of ractopamine. Upon learning of this trace finding, we immediately withdrew our Progressive Nutrition® Soothing Pink™ product from the market. At this time, we have identified and isolated the ingredient that was the source of the contamination and we have completely stopped use of the ingredient in all products.

Cargill shares a passion for equestrian sports and is proud to support these riders. We are disappointed this happened and are very sorry for the temporary uncertainty. We are pleased that Adrienne and Kaitlin will be back competing very soon and thank them for their patience and understanding as we’ve worked through this issue with them, and we continue to support them and the owners in their efforts to address the FEI’s handling of this matter.

Progressive Nutrition Soothing Pink supplement poses no risk to animal health, but consumers feeding this product to horses who are subject to competition testing are advised to stop feeding the product. Our Soothing Pink Xtra Strength in the 21 oz. container does not include the ingredient in question and is recommended to replace the original Soothing Pink (15 lb.). Cargill stands behind our products and our riders. If anyone would like an alternate feeding recommendation or believes they have an issue they should call 888-331-6778.

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