Danish Horses Listed for Observation Trial for 2017 Danish WCYH Team Selection

Thu, 04/27/2017 - 10:17
2017 World Championships for Young Dressage Horses

The initial list of horses that have been invited to participate in the first observation trial for Danish team selection for the 2017 World Championships for Young Dressage Horses has been published. The observation trial on 26 May 2017 will be the kick off event for the Danish WCYH team selection process and one extra selection day before the trial has been scheduled for on 25 May.

This year, Denmark has decided on a new format for Danish WCYH team selection: At the first observation trial in Vilhelmsborg on 26 May 2017 the selectors will create a long list of combinations eligible to compete in a team selection competition at the 2017 Danish Dressage Championships in Broholm on 8 - 9 July 2017. 

The horses which have already qualified through past championships and that are now invited for the observation trial on 26 May 2017 are listed here. Several of these (Vincent Maranello, Rockson, Fiontini) have been sold abroad the past year, but the Danish Equestrian Federation has extended an invitation to their new riders  that they are welcome to try out for selection in Denmark.

5-year olds

  • Hesselhøj Donkey Boy  (by Dancing Hit x Milan)
  • Okslunds Zackadon  (by Zack x Don Romantic)
  • Zancor  (by Zack x Solos Landwind)
  • Duque Majlund  (by Sunny Boy x Hertug)
  • Højgaardens Santos  (by San Amour x Friendship)
  • Carlos  (by Romanov x Cavan)
  • Atterupgaards Boticelli  (by Benneton Dream xCaprimond)
  • Lærke Stensvang  (by Zack x Don Schufro)
  • Stenagers Wyatt Earp  (by Wilkens x Sandro Hit)
  • Gørklintegårds Samsara  (by Sarkozy x Sunny Boy)
  • Alphabeat  (by All Inclusive x Sixtus)

6-year olds

  • Heiline's Danciera  (by Fürstenball x De Niro)
  • Kamars Don Noir Hit  (by Don Romantic x De Noir)
  • ukebox  (by Jazz x Rubinstein)
  • Rockson  (by Rockefeller x Sorento)
  • Straight Hors Don Tamino (by Totilas x Don Schufro)
  • Kut 'n' Move  (by Imperio x Le Rouge)
  • Oleander  (by Hibiskus x Arrak)

7-year olds

  • Fiontini (by  Fassbinder x Romanov)
  • Wilson Stensvang (by Wilkens x  Don Schufro)
  • Vincent Maranello (by  Zack x  Future Cup 
  • Zee Me Blue (by  Zack x  Don Schufro)
  • Thranegaardens Rostov (by  Romanov x Diamond)
  • Kipling (by Hofrat x Hohenstein)
  • Hot Spot (by Okavango x Induc)

Source: Ridehesten

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