How to Find My Horse in Verden?

Mon, 04/24/2017 - 09:25
Verden Auction News

I have the opportunity to purchase a horse at a Verden auction almost every eight weeks. The collections are compiled so as to ensure that everybody finds his or her perfect match.

 There are dressage, show jumping or event horses, for professional riders, ambitious amateurs or pleasure riders. The horses are pre-selected, have a high health standard and can be inspected and tested over a period of time of 10 days. But how to find “my horse” in a collection of sometimes 100 horses?

The customer advisors of the Verden auction team provide assistance. They help me to gather all necessary information on the horses. They determine my requirements in personal discussions and try to assess what is especially important for me to then finally recommend some horses of the collection. There are customer advisors for potential customers from Italy, Spain and France, answering all questions on the horses in their mother tongue.

I soon recognize that the customer advisors tell me everything I need to know about the horses and the auction happenings. I am particularly interested in the horses’ backgrounds and character traits. It is possible to also talk to riders and grooms, and I will soon appreciate their frankness to honestly answer my questions. Now I feel safe and confident enough to choose some horses for test riding purposes. To ride all horses under the same conditions will facilitate comparison. Anyhow, I need some time to decide, and the closer the day of the auction approaches, the more the insecurity I already thought to have vanished increases again.

How to make a bid? Do I have enough money with me or how do I have to pay in general? I am especially wondering what exactly happens after having won the bid?

The customer advisors provide answers to these questions, too. I am pretty relieved that I do not have to have such a huge amount of money with me on the day of the auction, but that I will receive an invoice. After having paid the invoice, I am allowed to pick up my new horse in Verden. The auction team will of course continue to care for my horse, and it will be covered by insurance for another six months after the auction – I can then decide whether I want to take over the insurance contract or not. All questions are answered, I know my personal favourites and the auction can start.

Verden Auction May – Sport Horses and Foals

Are you planning to purchase a horse? The collection of the Verden Auction on May 6 features stars of tomorrow and friends for a lifetime. We will be happy to present an exquisite collection of dressage, show jumping, eventing and pleasure horses!

The collection includes 45 riding horses, thoroughly chosen, test ridden and vet checked – for you! The collection will be complemented by brilliant foals with international performance pedigrees. 

Welcome for the Verden Auction! Take your seat in the Niedersachsenhalle, attend the auction training from April 25 – May 6 and arrange a test riding date with our customer advisors. We will find your perfect match!

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Photos © Tammo Ernst