Monte Velho, an Equestrian Resort in Portugal Providing the Total Experience

Mon, 02/20/2017 - 12:47
Eurodressage F.O.C.U.S.

After three years working hard, the Portuguese horse resort Monte Velho has completed its equestrian tourism project. It was a project that started with a great involvement of the whole family and with the objective of sharing with their guests the diamond that they believe to have in their hands.

"It was also the way we believed to most efficiently provide sustainability and thus ensure the future," said Mariana Lima Mayer. "From the feedback we have received from our guests and the commercial success reflected by very high occupancy rates, unthinkable at the beginning, we get the feeling that we have made the right choice and are our biggest motivation to proceed with this enterprise.

Aware that they are living in a highly competitive world, it is the Lima Mayer family's strategy to make Monte Velho an even better project. All their abilities are directed to understand what brings their guests to them and ensure that every year they can surprise them with improvements in all aspects of their activity.

"We must also have in mind that the major strength of Monte Velho consists in the very special character it possesses and the extraordinary atmosphere that experience. If we destroy these things, we would compromise the magic that the place conveys," Lima Mayer explained. "We believe that our guests in Monte Velho become happier, and we want to keep it that way! The combination of a stunning natural landscape and the exceptional character of the Lusitano horse constitute the basis of our project. The possibility of enjoying, in this scenario, a unique equitation that these horses provide, with the support of excellent professional instructors, offer to all unforgettable moments, providing the feeling that your vacations are worth every minute that passed by. The tranquillity of the region, its mild climate, the security you feel, the Portuguese welcome, the good cuisine, the comfort and the good taste of the facilities are all factors that make the stay here so rewarding."

New Accommodations

This year Monte Velho made several improvements to make the experience more enjoyable.

Monte Velho expanded its capacity concerning accommodation. They built a new set of four Premium rooms, allowing them to better respond to the reservation requests that they have had until now. The new rooms, identical to the existing ones, are in a fantastic setting with all the privacy. Its location has been carefully thought out, integrated with the surrounding environment and landscape.

At the side of the pool they built a small spa including sauna, rest area, massage room, fitness center and an outdoor Jacuzzi, all with a view on the lake.

Riding Improvements

The equestrian facility has also underwent several improvements:

  • Construction of a new indoor riding arena with 45x16m allowing for a more comfortable horse riding, especially in the rainy season or in the summer. This arena is open on the sides, to enjoy the magnificent landscape of the place
  • Construction of new stable allowing for more horses
  • A lunge arena for horse maintenance and warm up
  • Acquisition of three new horses with a lot of quality and a high level of training, increasing the equestrian possibilities to the riders; 
  • Reinforcement of our team of professionals with the integration of the certified instructor Annie Morris, which will bring her experience of competition, up to grand prix level, to value our horses and riding

"All these improvements, will certainly provide better conditions to make the stay in Monte Velho more enjoyable and more successful," Mariana added.

Stud Farm and competition

Monte Velho also aims to strengthen its position in the Lusitano horse breeding world.

"Our three competition horses make us very proud and have so far fulfilled our objective to raise animals with sporting potential within the breed," said Lima Mayer. "Esquadra, Equador and the young Giraldo, have achieved excellent results, and are keeping a very solid career. The new foals that we have produced, are following the same line of quality, excelling in the quality of movements and rideability. We believe that soon we will have some nice surprises in this matter."

The Lima Mayer family invites horse fans to visit them and help them build the future of this paradise.