Schockemohle Cleaning Up Stallion Roster for 2017

Wed, 01/25/2017 - 13:02
Oldenburg Breeding News

Paul Schockemöhle, one of the biggest stallion owners in Germany, has announced his stallion roster for 2017 and a certain amount of dressage stallions have been removed from his list.

The biggest absentees from the 2017 roster are the KWPN stallions Bretton Woods and Metall, alongside Charming Ferro, Vilancio and Dragon Hill. The latter Westfalian stallion he co-owns with Danish Lone Boegh Henriksen, who is also the co-owner of Vitalis, Fursten-Look, For Romance II, and Furstenball.

Schockemöhle acquired the now 23-year old KWPN stallion Metall in partnership with Joop van Uytert back in 2011 in order to ride on the popularity wave of Carl Hester's Uthopia. The stallion never bred much, not in Holland, nor in Germany.

In an exclusive interview with Rick Helmink, Schockemohle's adviser Heinz Meyer explained that "dressage horse breeding lives on trends. Metall was briefly totally in the picture because of Uthopia. When that horse is no longer performing at top level, the breedings disappear straight away. It's almost that simple in dressage: a stallion needs to have striking movements at the licensing or in sport, or his offspring has to do well. Then they'll breed with him."

EU approved stallion stations are bound by a legal, maximum amount of stallions they are allowed to stand at stud, so cuts have to be made each year as new additions fill the station.

The Russian owned Delatio (by De Niro x Rubinstein) as well as youngster Don de Niro (by De Niro x Sir Donnerhall) are new comers, alongside Haras de Malleret's Rhinelander Flinstone (by Fidertanz x Abanos) and the newly licensed Oldenburg Great Schufro (by Grey Flanell x Don Schufro). Schockemohle is also distributing semen of Gestut Bonhomme's Grey Flanell (by Gribaldi x Clavecimbel).

Schochemohle's foundation sire Sandro Hit, who made the station into a commercial gold mine in the new millennium, is still on the roster, but his offspring has been reduced to the essence: San Amour and Sir Donnerhall, the only two Sandro Hit sons who have really proven their worth with their offspring. 

Schockemohle's star stallion of the 2017 breeding season will be without a doubt Vitalis (by Vivaldi x D-Day) who won the 2016 Nurnberger Burgpokal qualifier, and KWPN licensing champion Bordeaux (by United), whose offspring is now proving its worth in the young horse classes.


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