Klaus Roeser Re-elected as Chair of the DOKR Dressage Selection Committee

Thu, 01/19/2017 - 14:18
German Dressage News

Klaus Roeser has been re-elected as the chair of the dressage selection committee of the German Olympic Equestrian Committee (DOKR) at the annual meeting of German A and B-team squad members.

At this annual meeting the plan for the show season is decided and there were several elections held. Besides Roeser's re-election, Hubertus Schmidt, Fabienne Lutkemeier, Sanneke Rothenberger and Florine Kienbaum were elected as rider representatives.

Roeser's re-election still has to be ratified at the DOKR General Assembly in May. The Lohne based Roeser continues to keep a firm grasp on his role as major influencer for Geman and international dressage sport. Alongside his position as chair of the German dressage selection committee, he is also an FEI Dressage Committee member (as representative of the dressage show organizers) and he works for Paul Schockemohle's marketing and transport firm.

The 57-year old Hubertus Schmidt will continue to be the rider representative and his assistant will be the 27-year old Fabienne Lutkemeier.

For the first time rider representatives for the youth riders have been named: 2016 German Under 25 team riders Sanneke Rothenberger and Florine Kienbaum will fulfil that role.

Photo © Astrid Appels

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