Dutch Grand Prix Squads for 2017 Announced

Wed, 01/04/2017 - 07:17
Dutch Dressage News

With a new year and a new show season having arrived, the Dutch Equestrian Federation (KNHS) has announced the updated Grand Prix squads for 2017. The Dutch Olympic A-team has seven riders with nine horses listed for 2017.

The KNHS recently disclosed the identities of the new team trainers with Rien van der Schaft in charge of the Grand Prix riders, Alex van Silfhout managing the U25, junior and young riders and Monique Peutz taking care of the pony riders.  Jan Greve has remained team veterinarian and Gerry de Crom is the team farrier.

The Dutch A-team saw a few changes happen for 2017. Tommie Visser and Vingino have been dropped to the B-team. Edward Gal's Undercover has been removed from the list, while Adelinde Cornelissen and her retired Parzival are still on it. A-team new comer is Marieke van der Putten with Ambria. The KNHS also added Van der Putten's second GP ride Zingaro Apple on the A-squad, but removed her the next day as the pair apparently had not yet fulfilled the new squad criteria. Madeleine Witte-Vrees' suspension from the A-team for unethical conduct ended on 1 January 2017 so she's back on the Olympic squad.

The Dutch squads for 2017 include:


  • Adelinde Cornelissen - Parzival
  • Edward Gal - Voice
  • Hans Peter Minderhoud - Flirt and Johnson
  • Marieke van der Putten - Ambria
  • Emmelie Scholtens - Apache
  • Diederik van Silfhout - Arlando
  • Madeleine Witte Vrees - Cennin


  • Marlies van Baalen - Ratzinger
  • Adelinde Cornelissen - Aqiedo
  • Katja Gevers - Thriller
  • Jeannette Haazen - Dabanos D'O4
  • Danielle Heijkoop - Siro
  • Patrick van der Meer - Zippo
  • Tommie Visser - Vingino

Photo © Astrid Appels

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