Brandy Bos Wins First Leg of 2016-2017 Dutch FEI Pony Cup Competition

Mon, 01/02/2017 - 09:30
2016-2017 KNHS FEI Pony Cup

Dutch A-team rider Brandy Bos and her 12-year old Charming Foret became the winners of the first leg of the 2016-2017 KNHS Dutch FEI pony show circuit, sponsored by Felix Juristen. The first qualifier was held indoors at equestrian centre De Kroo in Nieuw en St. Joosland on 27 December 2016.

Thirty-three combinations contested the first leg to contest this FEI Dressage Pony level competition, which serves as a squad selection and CDI team observation event. Four combinations were able to score above 70%.

Bos and her Dutch bred Welsh pony Charming Foret (by Bodo x Leun's Velds Elegant) scored the winning mark of 72.142% to top the board. Sam Oudhof and the German Riding pony mare Bodethal's Kosima were the runners-up with 71.673%, whereas Fleur van de Graaf and the experienced buckskin Welsh pony Rhyfedd Spike landed third place with 70.384%.

"We had a good top group with riders who rivaled each other and who rode strong tests," said judge Janine van Twist. "I think the team trainer will have a nice group of combination who are promising for the future." The brand new Dutch pony team trainer Monique Peutz travelled all the way from Groningen in the north of Holland to Nieuw en St. Joosland in the south to watch all the riders compete.

"Brandy rode a very clean test on Charming Foret on which I have very little to remark," Van Twist added. "Maybe the pony could be a bit more collected." This was a point on which Sam Oudhof and Bodethal's Kosima scored well. "Sam rode a beautiful test. Just like Brandy she has ridden more at this level."

Results - 2016 KNHS Dutch FEI Pony Cup Competition - Nieuw en St. Joosland

  • 1. Brandy Bos Charming Forêt 72,142
  • 2. Sam Oudhof Bodethal's Kosima 71,673
  • 3. Fleur Van de Graaf Rhyfedd Spike 70,384
  • 4. Marie Kleinepier Equestricons Defilee de Mode 70,135
  • 5. Sanne Van der Pols TC Orchid's Syria 68,686
  • 6. Thessa Gilbers Baumann's Despino 68,427
  • 7. Noa van Rijbroek VRBgroup's Black Magic 67,658
  • 8. Anna-Sophie Huisman Spoekedammetje's Nikos 67,569
  • 9. Nikita Cheung Brillant 67,3910
  • 10. Nina Woerts Molenhorn's Casanova 67,0111
  • 11. Lilli Van den Hoogen Flamenco Star 66,5412
  • 12. Floor Van der Kuijl Champ of Daily 66,1113
  • 13. Fleur Van de Graaf El Marando 66,1114
  • 14. Elya Doré Kraneveld's Björn 66,0715
  • 15. Britt Van Gelder Dornier 65,9416
  • 16. Danique Swinkels Golden Saco 65,4717
  • 17. Laura Kompier Schermeer's Hof King Lowie 65,3818
  • 18. Maud De Bruijn EQ-Champion W 65,2119
  • 19. Emmely Van Lieren Mysterious Golden Bink 65,1720
  • 20. Lisa Joosse Bo 64,9621
  • 21. Iginia Meloni Bodethal's Noble Boy 64,722
  • 22. Lisa Joosse Viktor 64,4423
  • 23. Tessa Huisma Beukenoord's Niveau 64,1524
  • 24. Nina Jansen Kraneveld's Carien 64,0225
  • 25. Michelle Kramer Campsterhoven's Baldato 63,9326
  • 26. Sarah Van Oosterbosch Icoon 63,7227
  • 27. Maud De Bruijn Lucky Luuk 63,528
  • 28. Frederique Van Zeeland Liberty 63,1629
  • 29. Elya Doré De Goede Ree's Wup 61,3230
  • 30. Sienna Brouwer Reekamp's Emperor 60,6831
  • 31. Rianne Ashley Ubels KMK's Cat Balou 59,3232
  • 32. Rianne Ashley Ubels Brouwershaven Casanova 58,533
  • 33. Aypril Hoogstrate Royal 57,61
  • Tess Van der Stelt Makoy Van Orchid's - DNS
  • Britney Van Herk Sharietha - DNS
  • Britney Van Herk Roxette - DNS
  • Manoek Linssen Floor - DNS

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